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Aluminum, its whats for dinner!

January 20th, 2009

We covered why you should not drink soda here and even diet soda here. But you wouldn’t eat the can would you? Well there is a good chance that you already are! Aluminum has been linked to many health problems the most notable of which is Alzheimer’s Disease.Truth be told though, most people do not [...]

I am quitting… Chapstick

January 16th, 2009

Yep… you heard me right.I am a long long time Chapstick user. I feel naked without it. Occasionally, I will forget my Chapstick or realize that it is not in my pocket.This causes me way more distress than it should. I will start freaking out and trying to figure out where I can get some Chapstick. [...]

What? Ok, this may sound stupid but one of the things that really really bothered me when I got overweight was that I could no longer easily put my socks on in the morning. I am serious! I would sit down and bend over to put my socks on and I could not reach. The [...]

This weekend, my wife and I watched Pumping Iron (25th anniversary edition) for the first time in a long time. Man these guys looked great. Sure they had size, but they looked great year round. They weren’t fat most of the year and then super ripped like today’s bodybuilders. I found myself asking “Were these guys [...]

How important is your health?

December 30th, 2008

  Yesterday, I received a very real reminder of why my health is important to me. This came in the form of a trip to the ER with my father-in-law. At the ripe young age of 59, he experienced a heart attack. I rushed to the hospital to meet up with my wife and in-laws at the ER. [...]

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