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Who is Manit you may ask? Manit is my brother in law (pictured above). Manit was an amazing person. He at a very young age (about 13) became addicted to crack cocaine and ran away to become a male prostitute. In his adult years, he overcame all this adversity. He managed to kick the drugs [...]

“I Hate Working Out”

August 20th, 2009

“I Hate Working Out” I hear this a lot (mostly from Roger De Rok). If this is you or how you feel as well then I have some good news for you. YOU DON”T HAVE TO WORK OUT TO BE HEALTHY AND IN SHAPE. If you think that what I just said is unprimal… think [...]

I Survived the Anniversary

June 29th, 2009

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while. I recently had a major change in that I changed companies and I have been adapting to my new position and company and getting everything figured out as far as my exercise schedule and all that jazz. That above is what I was SUPPOSED [...]

I am going to open the bleeding heart box and get a little personal today. There are numerous ways that going primal has improved my life and believe it or not, it doesn’t all have to do with 6 pack abs. I would like to directly address a couple of the facets in which my [...]

The Super Bowl is upon us and the manly men in us (yes that goes for you ladies too) are making our plans for descending upon a chow down and slam fest.Superbowl represents one of the only times of year where it is acceptable for 2 manly men to hug out of pure excitement. This [...]

How important is your health?

December 30th, 2008

  Yesterday, I received a very real reminder of why my health is important to me. This came in the form of a trip to the ER with my father-in-law. At the ripe young age of 59, he experienced a heart attack. I rushed to the hospital to meet up with my wife and in-laws at the ER. [...]

Change of plans today, the Larabar can wait an extra day. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about this past holiday. It truly turned out great. As I mentioned briefly before, I was hosting my family of grain and sugar lovers. Everyone got along, everyone enjoyed the food and everyone had a good [...]

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