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*p.s. those are supposed to be PG rated moobs (also known as man boobs). We keep things family around I cannot count the number of times that I have heard the following: “You are too skinny” “You need to put some meat on you” “You need to come over so that we can feed [...]

What? Ok, this may sound stupid but one of the things that really really bothered me when I got overweight was that I could no longer easily put my socks on in the morning. I am serious! I would sit down and bend over to put my socks on and I could not reach. The [...]

Where does “I can’t” come from? Chances are if you are living primally or healthily, you have heard the phrase “I CAN’T live without bread” or “I COULDN’T live without my sugar fix”. Fact: Its a darn good thing that our ancestors COULD or we would probably be pretty extinct right about now. The bottom [...]

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