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Spring Turkey

May 25th, 2010

Hey everyone, this is Roger De Rok and this is my first post here at Son Of Grok. I want to start by saying thank you to SoG for inviting me to contribute to his website. I hope everyone finds my posts as interesting and entertaining as the classic SoG content. Here we go!

When I was young and still living at home, my father took me on several hunting trips every year. I always looked forward to these outings since it meant getting away from home, spending some time outdoors, camping, and in some cases I got to miss school. My dad’s brother also came with us most of the time, so it was a family event where we got to do some bonding. My dad and my uncle grew up hunting together since they were small children living in rural Northern New Mexico. Being exposed to this at a young age meant that I learned to shoot guns at an early age and took Hunter Safety courses so I was able to begin hunting with my own licenses at a very young age. We hunted just about everything you can get a license for in NM (and sometimes Colorado) and always had tons of wild game meat in our freezers and I’ve always loved eating it. During my high school years I became more interested in music, started my first bands, and my interest in hunting went away. When I moved to Albuquerque in 1999, hunting was something I never really thought about doing anymore. Read more »

New Author = New Content

May 22nd, 2010

I know. Its been a while.

Seems like I say that a lot. The computer has been fixed for quite some time but I have been working like a madman and neglecting the site (yes again). It is almost time for renewal on my domain and it isn’t free which means I am considering killing the site but I have not yet made up my mind on that one.

Anyways… several people have expressed interest in Roger De Rok (my highschool friend that followed my example and went from 320#s down to 180#s by being primal for just a year) starting his own blog. I figured… why not get the best of both worlds and just make him a writer on

This way you will get more frequent updates and I also wont feel so pressured to get content on here and also do guilty for not doing it!

Welcome Roger. We are eager for your first post and your primal experience!

R.I.P. SoG’s computer

March 22nd, 2010

My machine that I built 6 years ago (which has performed admirably right up until this weekend) has finally died. I was writing my post yesterday when my fans went caput and the whole thing catastrophically overheated and fried. I am dead in the water without access to email or anything really until I can get some new parts and build a new machine. I was pricing some new stuff on new egg this morning and hope to be up and running again in about another week or so.

Until then though, the site will probably go neglected… again.


March 17th, 2010

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I have been traveling for work and then I have been fighting a nasty cold. Probably got it due to work related stress lately.

Anyways, if you don’t have a copy of Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint yet and have been wanting to pick one up, now is a pretty good time. If you order Mark’s book today, he is throwing a bundle of freebies at you.

Here is what you get:
1) A personal invite to a 2-hour Live Webcast Q&A Session. Ask Mark anything you want. He’ll be answering as many questions as he can about weight loss, muscle building and anything else that interests you.

2) Access to a password-protected audio interview – “Special Report: 20 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (And How to Fix Them)” ($24.99 value, yours free!)

3) Access to a password-protected audio interview – “Special Report: 10 Reasons You’re Sick (And How to Get Better)” ($24.99 value, yours free!)

4) A convenient and exclusive e-book (PDF) of 25 Primal Blueprint Recipes from Mark’s Daily Apple

5) A free preview edition (PDF) of Mark’s upcoming, hardbound cookbook with 5 select Primal Blueprint Recipes

All you do is buy the book from for the regular price of $18.81 and you receipt by 12pm PST to get the goodies.

Mark is trying to bring his book to #1 on Amazon which I think would be a great step for the primal community so if you want to support Mark then head on over and buy a copy. You can find out more info if you like at Mark’s Daily Apple.  If you don’t then that is just fine as well. Keep enjoying all the free information that is out there on Primal Lifestyles.

I will try to get some more SoG original content up here soon for you but for now… I am off to work!

Primal Enchiladas

February 24th, 2010

Enchiladas Dressed

Alright, it is about time I put this recipe up. I think it still has room for improvement which is why I have held off on posting it but I have not gotten around to developing that yet so here it is in its current yummy state. Those of you that are adventurous can play around with it. I think that adding some organic sour cream to the beef before baking would make it even better as creamy enchiladas but have not yet tried it. This is an enchilada plate and not “rolled” enchiladas which are what you may be familiar with.

Primal Enchiladas:
Crust option 1: (This is my favorite. It sounds a little odd but its delicious).
- Eggs
- Ground coconut

Crust option two:
- Eggs
- Shredded zucchini

Other ingredients:
Beef (grass fed preferably)
- Onions (white, yellow or red. Pick your favorite. I prefer white in my enchilades)
- Green Chile (if you have it available which I know that those that aren’t New Mexican natives often dont).
- Salsa ( make my own special for enchiladas that is heavy on tomato paste)
- Shredded Cheese (I like a mixture of mozzarella, pepper jack and cheddar)

- Shredded Lettuce
- Organic sour cream
- Guacamole or avocado

1. In a baking dish we will first create our crust.
Crust option one.
- Make some SoG coconut griddle cakes and line the bottom of your baking dish with them. Fill in the in-between spots with some egg.


Crust option 2.
- Mix shredded zucchini with egg and line the bottom of the pan.

2. Season and brown your ground been in a skillet. I recommend a lot of garlic and spicy seasonings.
3. pour your browned beef on top of your crust.
4. Top your beef with chopped onion, green chile (if you have it of course) and a layer of salsa.
5. Top with your shredded cheeses.
6. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until a slight crust starts to form on the top of the cheese. About 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
7. Serve on a plate and top with shredded lettuce, organic sour cream and guacamole or avocado slices. delicious.

For my next recipe, I am working on an idea I have for Primal goat cheese manacotti. I know.. awesome right?!?!?

Get Fit With Me The SoG

February 22nd, 2010

It is confession time.

I have been slacking. I could make a million excuses (which I have), but fact of the matter is that I have been lazy. I have not fallen of the primal wagon per say but I have not been doing everything I could/should.

I have been eating healthy, but not with my same primal intensity and attention to detail fitting to the SoG and I have only been averaging one, yes one 30 minute workout a week. This has been going on for the past 3 months now since I left for work travel.

The result is that I am not out of shape (its is hard to get out of shape even when slacking and living primal), but I am not in the shape or the health that I truly want to be in and that I know I can be in.

It is time for a resolution of sorts. Time to get back to what makes me the SoG… not the Slack-o-G. So here, I say to you… I am going to get Primal. I am going to get dirty, hardcore and happy Primal and I want you to join me.

If you are interested, post your own confessional if you have one and post your dedication to the most important cause their is… your own health and well being. Not doing everything you know you could/should? For the next 4 weeks lets dedicated ourselves to kicking our own buts in gear. You could call this a challenge of sorts but I am not going to bait you with crappy prizes. Our rewards will be our results.

Here is how I am going to help:

1. You may notice 2 new tabs at the top of the page. Back when I actually had more time I started putting together some fitness plans. I almost completed the first of these but never got around to adding the polish and posting. I will make this available over the next couple days… polished or not. I have also had enough interest in an SoG cookbook that I am going to start putting one together… for free. I don’t have an ETA on the cookbook yet but it will be a mash-up of basic Primal cooking advice, my favorite recipes and some new recipes.

2. Email me. If you fall off the wagon, feel free to email me your woes and I will be happy to help you get back on track. Need some help or advice? Or do you just have an inspirational post for yourself or your primal compadres that you would like to see me post? E-mail me.

To kick this off right, Wednesday will be official Primal Enchiladas day. I really promise this time…

Now I better get to work on the Fitness Programs and Cookbooks!

Lean Cuisine… yum

February 15th, 2010

I am not sure what is meant to be lean on these things.

Lean in that the portions are so small?
Lean in taste and flavor?
Lean as in lean forward as your gut drags you around?

Whatever the reason, the Lean Cuisine name makes it sell. It is crazy how well these things sell.

I brown bag my lunch most days. I bring an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack to keep my lunch cold. It isn’t that we don’t have a fridge at work…. Its just that there is no room in it. The fridge AND the freezer are literally packed to the brim with Lean Cuisines. This is not an exaggeration… they are completely full with the little cardboard boxes. With the exception of an occasional egg-o waffle box or Marie Calendar pot pie, 90% of these cardboard boxes say “Lean Cuisine”. It is crazy.

Now I am not going to lie. There have been times in my life where I lived off little freezer boxes. Michellina’s and the generic cheapies were sometimes all I at 3 meals per day. They were cheap and easy to make. They were VERY cheap and VERY easy to throw in the microwave.

Occasionally when they were on sale I got the Lean Cuisines too. You know what? They were terrible! I think I once ate the cardboard box that it was in on accident because it indeed did taste as good as the meal. That and it doesn’t really matter how many of these gross little meals I ate, I was inevitably still starving afterwards.

Now on to the speed and convenience of Lean Cuisines. The simplicity of opening the box and tossing it in the microwave is completely negated at my work. Come lunch time, there is actually a line the forms at the microwave. People queue their food up and actually tell each other “Your turn” as they retrieve their heated plasticy cardboard contraptions. Considering that each meal takes 3-5 minutes or so to heat up, it can easily be 20-30 minutes before it is your frozen cuisines “turn” to get fried. Me? I whip out my lunch bag and dive into some delicious egg salad, nuts, pork rinds, veggies. No wait… instant delicious gratification.

Ugh and the smell of these things. It doesn’t even smell like food. During the Lean Cuisine Queue at lunch, an awful aroma fills the office. It is funny because sometimes I do bring leftovers that need reheated. Once I heat up my meatloaf etc., I usually get quite a few people coming by my desk asking what that “Delicious smell” is and also frequently get told “did you bring enough for me?” Funny, though Lean Cuisine appears to be bountiful enough for all, no one really seems to enjoy eating it.

I hate restaurants

February 8th, 2010

Ever since going primal and cooking for myself, I cannot stand going to restaurants.

Usually by the time I drive to a restaurant, get seated, order, wait for my order, eat, wait for the check and pay… I could have whipped up an amazing meal and enjoyed myself more in the process.

Then there is the issue of food quality. Cooks at 90% of restaurants really don’t give a damn about how much effort they put into your meal. Its just the facts. They are pressed for time, limited to crappy ingredients and most of them are paid like poop. I realized something interesting the other day when I had to go to a business meeting over lunch at a restaurant. How often have you gone out to eat with someone and heard the question asked “How is yours?” How often has the response been “Its ok” or “its alright” or its “so so”? This just isn’t something that has happened to me since not eating out anymore. The food is always excellent or phenomenal and if it isn’t… its my own darn fault.

Then there is the issue of cost. A meal at a half decent restaurant for just the wife and I always seems to put me back at least $30. I can cook whatever I want, grass fed, top shelf and organic for way less than that! I always leave a restaurant feeling a little like I just got robbed.

Kind of tying in with that is the issue of service. How often do you really get good service anymore. Admitted I do get better service when traveling than I do here locally (you other Albuquerque locals can probably vouch for this as well) but you just don’t get decent service anymore. It seems tipping has become a given requirement now and no one feels that they should have to work for it. I am not kidding… the last 3 times I have gone to a restaurant, I have had to stand up, track down my waiter/waitress and demand a refill on my water. When I get good service, I am a generous 20% tipper but it seems that never happens anymore. It is a “gratuity”… it iss meant as a gracious gesture for me to show my gratitude for being taken well care of during my meal. A lot of restaurants these days have even started automatically adding the gratuity to your bill for you thereby deciding for you exactly how much gratitude you posses for your meal.

And then there is… you know what? Never mind. I am just getting myself aggravated.  :-)

Addressing the Rumors

February 1st, 2010

Alright, it has been a while so I thought I would pop in and address some of the rumors floating around.

- No, I am not dead.
- No, I did not get trampled by a mastodon.
- No, I did not shed human life and go to the woods to live with the wolves.
- No, I did not leave my wife and run away with Rick Martin…
- I didn’t give up primal.
- I didn’t give up blogging
- And I didn’t give up on all of you!

I have simply been very very busy. A month of travelling for work in November turned into a month of a ton of extra work in December which turned into a ton of work in January from making corrections for fallout from work in December.

Yes, I have received everyone’s emails. No, I am not trying to be a jerk and ignore them. It is my intention to go back all the way to November and start responding to them.

I am also somewhat suffering from blog topicitus. Primal is pretty simple and honestly… there are really only so many ways that you can say the exact same thing. I wont say any names but some of the other “major” primal blogs have really gotten in the habit of reposting the exact same information with a new shiny wrapper… and you know what? I am not about that.

I don’t want to say that I don’t have ANY content for you… I really do. In fact I have been sitting on the Primal Enchilada recipe for quite a while now just because I haven’t had a chance to post it.

Anyways, I am going to try to start getting to those emails and getting some posts up as soon as possible.

Leaving on a jet plane

November 1st, 2009

Hello… remember me?

Yeah, I know that I have not posted in a couple weeks and I apologize for that. I work in benefits and we are coming up on that wonderful time of year known as “open enrollment”. I have been extremely busy setting up the 2010 year benefit plans before this years open enrollment.

Well tomorrow starts open enrollment and I will be traveling all over the country for pretty much the next 3 weeks straight to facilitate, present and assist in the open enrollment process. My next 3 weeks will pretty much consist of 16 hours days flying, driving and working.

I do plan on doing it all primal. This will be my longest, busiest and most stressful trip to try to pull off primally to date.

Anyways, this also means a 3-4 week hiatus for the blog starting out. When I come back, we should be primed for a nice SoG thanksgiving post and maybe some primal travel tips that I pick up along the way.

We will see you then!

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