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SoG Zesty BBQ Zauce

June 12th, 2009

My good buddy Roger De Rok and I were out doing arroyo sprints yesterday (sprints in a sandy arroyo.. they will WRECK you). It is about a 45 minute walk to and from the arroyo through the desert with the lizards and jackrabbits (100s of them)  and it makes for good talk time. Roger told [...]

Look Good in YOUR Body

May 28th, 2009

“I want to look good naked”. Kevin Spacey said it in American Beauty… I love that line. Who doesn’t want to look good naked? I think most everyone can sympathize with this statement. Unfortunately most of us just don’t look good naked. I can remember times when I could put on a set of designer [...]

Calorie Burning Shoes?

May 20th, 2009

Well. Burning calories has just gotten easier. There are new shoes that are actually designed to make you burn more calories. No, I am not joking. That is the claim they are making. This is no small outfit either… these shoes are available even at Dillards now. I forsee masses of American rushing out to [...]

A Must See

May 7th, 2009

King Corn This made its way into my netflix and let me tell you… I am glad. It is the story of 2 college buddies who discover via hair analysis that their diets are based on corn. In an effort to discover how, they plant 1 acre of corn on a farm out in Iowa [...]


April 25th, 2009

The incredible edible egg. What more can be said about this delicious wonderful food. Excuse me for a second while I go all Bubba on eggs. Eggs, eggs salad, hard boiled eggs, eggs over easy, eggs benedict, eggs sunny side up, scrambled eggs, eggs and bacon, eggs over medium, poached eggs, scotch eggs… Ok well [...]

Whats so Bad About Bacon?

April 7th, 2009

Thanks to reader/close friend Roger De Rok for the picture! Everyone loves to demonize bacon. But whats so bad about bacon anyways? Take for example just on the McSoG post where Dangeruss commented on how he has a hard time viewing bacon as a healthy food. Many of us have the same problem. Bacon is [...]

Its amazing what you can learn standing in line at the super market. There were 3 different magazines side by side with theis “Melissa” (Whoever that is) on the cover and 3 different ways proclaiming were her secret to staying in shape! Wait until I tell Brad Pilon about this breakthrough!

I was so busy with finals last week that I didn’t really get the chance to plan my content well and ahead of time for this week. So, I will buy some time by showing you what my project was this weekend! I have been using a cheap folding chair for doing my “box” jumps on [...]

In a world full of unscrupulous marketing campaigns and products full of chemicals and crap, I bring you a cosmetic health product that you can trust. I call it “Healthy Glow”. Best of all, it is being given away… Absolutely Free! Product Ingredients: 1. Healthy exposure to Vitamin D and Sunlight 2. Regular exercise 3. [...]

If you don’t have a jump rope yet… go buy one. Head down to the local sporting goods store. A jump rope will cost you $10. If you are really cheap (nothing wrong with that), make your own. Simply tie a knot in both ends of a piece of rope. There was a time when I [...]

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