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As a kid, I was always very active and fit. I ran 5k’s, won several triathlons and was a successful tennis and soccer player.  I got into lifting weights when I left for college and would have considered myself in very decent shape at a very muscular 6′ 4″ 245 pounds and about 12-15% body fat.  I then moved to Southern Cali at ages 19 and 20 and lived successfully as a personal trainer. After 9/11 happened, I joined the Army doing what I thought was my patriotic duty.  While training in the Army, I got very very sick with a laundry list of ailments including pneumonia.  I was medically discharged from the army at a very sickly 188 pounds. For a couple years after this, I played around in film and television and worked as a bouncer in bars – also working the occasional odd job.  Finally fed up with living check to check, starving and being permanently flat broke… I decided to join the corporate world.

This leads us to my story of deteriorating health.

A successful corporate career led to a terrible diet, tremendous amounts of stress and bad habits like smoking.  I was a very unhealthy 230+ pounds and a smoker and heavy drinker. I lived on fast food and drank too much beer all too frequently.

Shortly after this, my health got even worse. I ballooned to almost 250 pounds and still got no exercise.  I avoided cameras and being seen publicly like it was a disease… hence no pictures of this time. I would not allow it.

By the time I was getting married in June of 2008, I realized that I had to do something about my terrible health. I looked terrible, I felt terrible and my doctor was talking statins for my cholesterol. At only 27 years old! I had to do something. I had already quit smoking, but this only helped me gain weight if anything.  I began working out twice per day 5 days a week. This had some positive effect. You can see from the set of pictures from my honeymoon in July 2008 that I was back down to the 230+ range but my body was shutting down and my stress was even WORSE than it was before! I never had any time! What I was doing just did not feel sustainable.

At this point I desperately reached out for help on the internet when I lucked across Mark Sisson’s site ( and the Primal Blueprint.  It seemed almost too extreme for me at the time but I was desperate so feeling that I had nothing to lose, I went Primal towards the beginning of August 2008.  I started working out less, dropped cardio for walking and occasional sprints and started eating primally.

Lets look at now.  I now have perfect cholesterol levels. I enjoy my workouts. I have virtually no issues with stress. I love the food that I am eating, the workouts that I am doing and the people that I have met online. Most of all, I love how much more time I have. My wife and I get to hang out a lot more now and I can enjoy a hobby here or there or just relax sometimes! Also, my wife has lost weight and is looking great!

My Progression:

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I keep getting in better shape so more to come!

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