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About this Blog


First off:

This is my Blog about my life living by the Primal Blueprint.

For more info on the Primal Blueprint, please visit Mark Sisson’s site at

So what do I hope to accomplish with this blog?

Main hope:

To help spread a message of health in our mis-informed and growingly obese society

Specifically what will I do with this blog?

In each weeks time, I hope to post at least 1 recipe, a workout or 2, 1 primal activity (fun! more details to come), a primal product review here and there and maybe a rant here and there as well.

Don’t expect me to:

Argue scientifics with you. That is not the purpose of the blog. There are far more qualified people than me to do that. This is a blog about what has worked for me and nothing more!

I encourage an active community so please comment and post!


Why “Son of Grok”?

Mark Sisson refers to our quintessential ancestor as “Grok”. Therefore we would all be the descendants of Grok. Also I like the name… it has a ring to it.

Can I expect you to post every day?

NO! I am a full time business professional, I am a full time student and I have a life. I will do my best to make at least 3 posts per week. Please subscribe to my RSS feed so you know when there are new post.

Are you a republican or democrat?

I am very VERY political. But I will keep it out of this blog.

Your site looks like crap. Now what?

Tough cookies. I do it all myself graphics and all. No fancy web developers here.

I disagree with you. Now what?

Um… ok. I won’t argue with you. I am no doctor or scientist. I exist in the business world. I will not argue science with you. There are more qualified people to do that. This blog is about what has worked for ME and I HOPE will work for YOU. We can still have friendly banter though.

Are you available?

No. And why are you asking? I am not that good looking. I am happily married though.

What qualifies you to give me advice?

Absolutely nothing. I am not a doctor, scientist, guru, messiah, smart kid or anything like that. I am only a person that has found something that I love and that works for me. My advice? Take it or leave it.

Will you endorse my product?

Maybe, maybe not. I am not adverse to reviewing or endorsing a quality product. HOWEVER, I will be completely honest about any product I try or review. Do not expect a positive review just because of freebies or because you pay me for it.

Can I advertise on your site?

Sure why not. I need money like every human being. HOWEVER, do not expect me to “sell out” or promote products I do not agree with.

Can I email you?

Yes… yes you can. My email address is

If I forgot something here please email me and let me know!

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