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My new toy

November 9th, 2010

I have had these Vibram 5 finger Trek Sports on back order from REI for almost 2 months and they finally came. I love my Treks already but I think these are my new favorite pair of Vibrams. The fabric is even supposedly made from one of my favorite primal foods… coconut.

Trek Sports

Trek Sports

Trek Sports 2

These shoes have sole.

It is amazing how far these shoes have come. Now that they are going mainstream the quality has gotten so good. I remember when I bought my Kangaroo leather treks that I was blown away at how much better they were than my first pair of KSOs from 2 years ago. The shoes don’t fall apart like they used to and these Trek soles are lasting me forever. Keep up the good work Vibram!

10 Responses to “My new toy”

  1. Jules

    I just got the Treksports last month and I LOVE them! I had Sprints and wanted something more rugged for Warrior Dash, and these were absolutely wonderful.

  2. Sieren

    *drool* I so want a pair of the kangaroo leather 5-fingers!!!!!!! The purple ones, in particular haha ;) I just don’t know if they would stand up to outdoor wear, and I just can’t justify that much $$ for shoes I can only wear indoors (since I usually just go barefoot inside anyway!)

  3. Son of Grok

    They stand up fine. I wear my kangaroo leather ones hiking all the time and I think Roger De Rok goes hunting in his. They are very durable.

  4. Rich


    It’s great to see you posting again!

    I have an old pair of the Classic’s, a pair of the KSO’s, and recently got the pair you have there.

    I love the Classic’s for travel and in the office. I prefer the KSO’s for sprints in the field in my neighborhood and in the gym. I do love the Trek Sports’s thicker and treaded sole for hiking and any time I may encounter a rough surface. I also give kudos to the difference in the back strap area as it doesn’t irritate my upper heal area at all. The thicker sole also helps if you are going to have to be on concrete or any other hard surface for some time like sidewalks.

    I like all my Vibrams, a different tool for a different task, but I would have to agree that the Trek Sport’s are my favorite if I could only own one pair.

    I look forward to more posts!


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  6. plombier marseille

    Great read. I found your website on bing and i have your page saved on my personal read list!
    I’m a fan of your site. Keep up the good work

  7. Adam-The Fitness Chronicle

    Aside from looking like a ninja…I heard these shoes were really great for those who need to retrain the way they run. I guess it helps those who run “heel to front” and directs them to land on the “ball/pad” of the foot. Is that true?? It makes sense to me but I just wasn’t sure. I can see how they could be beneficial when running on the beach.

  8. Anika

    I bought a pair of these awhile ago, they are now my “everyday shoes.” And like you said it feels like they will last forever!

  9. plombier a rouen

    These Shoes Have sole. I am already agreed by their appearance they are funny I just see me lol but that is not bad in any kind of sport I like to try thank you for the information

  10. Mill

    I’ve been walking past these in the shop window in Covent Garden for about a week…I really want a pair, but they’re so expensive!

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