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Interesting Turn of Events

November 3rd, 2010

I am sitting here in the airport and I see that I have an email from November 1st.

Apparently they decided to process an auto renewal 2.5 weeks in advance and I did not have a chance to cancel it. It is also apparently non refundable. The renewal was for 2 years too.

Anyways… I guess that is good new for those of you that wanted to see the sight stay up and bad news for my pocketbook but it is what it is. I don’t know if/when I will be able to add new content but I guess there is a possibility since 2 years is a long time and anything can happen.

19 Responses to “Interesting Turn of Events”

  1. Troy

    Good to hear!

  2. McGrok

    Miss the posts man….hope all is well…still rocking the zesty bbq sauce!

  3. Ben


  4. kim

    How much was it? I would be willing to donate some money towards it.

  5. Robb Dodd

    “Anyways” is not a word.

  6. Lewie

    How about putting a donation button on the webpage? I’m not sure how many readers you have, but if everyone who subs paid, say a dollar? would that pay for your site? Make a dent in it?

  7. Jason


    Its a sign mate….. Things happen for a reason!

  8. hq

    Welcome back bro!
    you must now post. I would pay for a recipe book from you before I would spend a dime on that douche at MDA

  9. Alicia

    Just found your site today. Yes… I too feel that things happen for a reason!

  10. El

    Seriously, a donate button! I was so sad when I read your last post. This one is much better– but let your readers help!

  11. Beatle

    Yeah, if you put a donate button, I’m in.

  12. Son of Grok

    I have to make this a quick one. I am back out on the road soon.

    Thank you to everyone for volunteering to donate. I would never ask for money without providing something I felt had monetary value in return though. The cost certainly won’t break my bank so don’t worry about me but I really do appreciate the gesture!

    I will try to get to my backlog of emails this weekend when I get back.

    The SoG

    P.S. Robb… you are right it is not a word but that is far from my first grammar mistake here at the site. Forgive my indiscretion. You can label me uncouth and slangful… but I don’t think that is a word either.

  13. Megan

    WOOHOO! (I’m sorry about the auto renewal charges but not sorry you’re forced to stay with us)

  14. Penn

    Dear SoG,

    I too have just come upon your website while seeking info on the Primal ‘life’.

    I was thoroughly entertained and informed and then, entertained some more!

    Do not sell yourself short my friend, this concept of ‘monetary value’ is a subjective thing and I (like certain others, I think) would happily reward you for the pleasure you bring.
    It would be more of a thank you gift than a charge for services and you may want to consider that thought – that you would be giving us even more pleasure by accepting our meager offerings (and I do mean meager as I just found out what the magical coconut flour costs here in Calgary – sheesh – and I will need it mightily to help me break my carb addiction!) – having said that, I in no way want to guilt you into keeping up the site (well, okay small way) but even simply for what you have here now, I’d like to kick in to keep it up as long as possible… and maybe you will visit from time to time.

    So – thank for getting me interested in Primal things here and you need not even ask, just put a wee Paypal button somewhere and I will click it.

    Kind regards,

  15. Richard

    Wish I could say I was sorry but this was one of my favorite blogs to read when I started doing paleo in July. Glad it’ll be around for a while.

  16. Debi

    I would love to donate also… just found this site today, I saved as many recipes as I could. Please stay, I started at Crossfit one month ago, I started eating like this Sept 1st, and have lost 32 lbs so far. We need you buddy, your ideas and writing are inspiring. This is a terrific way of life. Best Wishes. can’t wait to read more of your entries when they come up.

  17. Deb G (aka Daughter of Grok)

    I’m just starting Primal and also love your site. If you’re interested, I would be willing to buy the site from you and keep it going, or at least help you with content and the books you had planned. Drop me a line if you might be interested!


  18. dimidy

    well im definitely excited about this turn of events, since i just found you! you have some very good stuff going on here. keep up the good work!

  19. Eleanor Luevano


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