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Goodbye from the SoG

October 24th, 2010

It is time to finally say goodbye. Copy, print-out or rip off all your favorite recipes from the site. As of November 15th, will be no more.

Its come time for renewal and I simply can’t justify renewing the site any further. It is not that I don’t have any content. I have tons of content and recipes that I have been just iching to get up here. I have had offers from people to write guest posts and I was even provided with an excellent 33 page manifesto from someone on how going Primal changed their life. Unfortunately what I don’t have is time.

I am not like some in that this is my income and livelihood. In fact I work a very difficult and strenuous corporate job that most people in, you could probably expect to find overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. I am lucky enough that thanks to being primal… I just have the unhappy part of it. I work long hours and those hours are hard worked. I don’t mean in a way like building houses or laying brick all day (I could handle that). I mean in the way of stress and mental exhaustion. By the time I get home from work, I am lucky if I can even get motivated to exercise much less post.

Everyone tells me that I should use the website to make money. I was going to do that. I was working on some workout plans and some recipes books that I would put up on the site for free download and accept donations. Unfortunately putting together that kind of material at the quality that I would consider acceptable is more time consuming than I can spare and I am not wealthy enough to hire people to write all my content for me like some.

Hence the site is finally going down. It seems like it has already been dead for some time and I apologize for that.

I hope that it wont stay dead forever. Though I may complain about my job, it is a good job that most would kill for (though its not what I want to do) and it pays pretty well. I have been making plans and am starting to stockpile equipment. I am hoping that within the next year or two, I will have saved enough and have firm enough plans and support that I am hoping to open a gym here in Albuquerque. I use the word “gym” loosely. You won’t walk into my gym and see rows of machines with steroid freaks in muscle shirts working out for the row of people sweating it out on treadmills and elipticals. I won’t give out all my planned secrets but you can expect to walk in and find people bouldering and jumping on olympic trampolines. People hitting olympic weights and kettlebells. Punching bags, sandbags, ladders tires and obstacle courses. Oh yeah, and hopefully a lot of people getting healthy and having fun with actual smiles on their faces. I know that owning a gym… especially a local gym with such “different” methods and ideals is no road to riches but I am looking forward to the opportunity to work my ass of doing something I love if I can make it happen.

Anyway… given an excuse to, the site will hopefully be back. In the meantime I wish you all well!

Don’t forget, November 15th the site will be gone.

Signing off,

22 Responses to “Goodbye from the SoG”

  1. Robb Dodd

    Big deal.

  2. Nick F

    I must say I am very sad to see you go. I love all of your recipes. I do understand not having enough time. You gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck to you.

  3. Ben

    Hey SoG!

    Good luck to you. I really appreciate your work. When I first started eating paleo, this site was a HUGE encouragement to me. I hope your future endeavors go well!


  4. Son of Grok

    Forgot to mention I am heading out on business travel today for the next 3 weeks so i won’t have much access to my email so forgive me if you email me and i am slow in responding. Hopefully I can get to it all before the 15th when the email address will no longer exist.


  5. Sol

    I can understand not posting, but why pull down the site? Hosting shouldn’t be more than $100/year, and a domain is ~$10 a year.

  6. shoshannah

    Hi SoG! Thanks for the amazing site! Good luck with everything and we hope to see you around.

  7. Kat

    I’m pretty sure yours was the first Primal site I found while I was looking for recipes online.

    Any chance you’ll keep it posted free on WordPress? It’s pretty easy to upload your posts to a free WordPress account. Then it would only be 10$ a year for the domain name, or you could just take a WordPress domain name. Would hate to see all the posts disappear.

  8. hq

    Good luck, we’ll miss you you are truly an inspiration

  9. Nuff

    Just a suggestion…at least pay the $10 renewal fee. This name will get snapped up right quick otherwise.
    Good Luck!

  10. Roberta

    I am sorry to see the site go but I wish you well.

    I live in Alb. and think your gym dream sounds really cool and I would love it if you let me know when you get it open. I

  11. Arlo

    I agree, it shouldn’t be too hard to upload it to the actual WordPress site, which has free hosting, right?

    If you go to “Tools” in your admin section, there is an export option. It exports an XML file that can be uploaded to any other wordpress installation. Then point your domain name to the wordpress hosted site and there you go.

  12. Girl Gone Primal

    Aw! You were the first primal blog I ever found :) Sad to see you go, though I certainly understand the time factor – my own blog is getting rather neglected these days, though the year is finally starting to wind down now.

    I second the WordPress/Blogspot upload vote, so your work lives on. I would also be happy to import some of your recipes into their own page or something on my blog if you don’t have time to set up a free blog…

    All the best!

  13. Rich

    sorry to see the site go, man. You’ve been a real inspiration! When people ask me about the primal lifestyle I send them to your before and after pics. Hope to see you back online in the future tho.

  14. jimmydddd

    Good luck SoG,
    I agree with those who say at least keep the domain for the $10/year.
    Also, this timing might actually work out for you. It seems like hundreds of paleo blogs have jumped on the bandwagon since you began. Further, MDA has been in major marketing mode as of late. Consequently, I think the whole primal/paleo/CrossFit trend has already peaked, and we are already starting to see a backlash in the fitness blogosphere. If you wait a year or two, everyone will have moved on, and the timing will be right for you to phase back in when the space is less crowed. Enjoy!

  15. someoneoutthere

    Please, please import your posts into a WordPress or Blogspot blog, for archive’s sake. There’s no need to lose this tremendous resource. It’s free and you don’t have to do anything else with it from then on.

  16. Maca

    Sorry to see you go. Good luck with the gym sounds awesome!!

  17. Jedidja

    Will be sorry to see you go; I remember you from the MDA site, long before the switchover to the new style and the community exploding in size. Best of luck .. and as others have mentioned, please backup/archive your site somewhere. You never know what might happen in the future :)

  18. Laura

    SoG! Bummed to see you go! My family and I have loved every one of your recipes we have tried and I just spent a ton of time printing out ALL your recipes while my son trashed the office LOL! So worth it :) Thank you for all your hard work and creativity. You rock! My friend even used your Gorilla Cake for her son’s first birthday cake after trying it at my house :) I am due with another baby any day now and will be handing over all your recipes in a folder to my mom and just say, “Cook ANY of these after the baby comes and we will be so grateful!”

    *thank you* again :) :) :) and good luck in all your endeavors! My hubby and I would totally go to your gym if we lived nearby LOL!

  19. Dave

    Thanks for Everything Erick & Good Luck with the Future – Perhaps we’ll see the Grandson of Grok in a couple decades…

  20. AndyW

    Can’t you just export the posts, open a free wordpress/blogspot/posterous/tumblr account and keep writing?

    BTW, I’ll donate the $10.00 for the domain for this year.

    – Andy

  21. cliff

    you cannot closed down!!!

    NO NO NO!

  22. crazy4boys

    NO!!! I will now be frantically copying all your recipes so I won’t lose them in November. I’ve enjoyed your wisdom, recipes and humor.

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