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Build Your Own Gear

August 26th, 2010

This is a project that SoG and I worked on this past weekend. I didn’t want to put a pull up bar in my house, since frankly, I’m not ready for it yet.  I’m still a wuss and can’t really do them, so SoG came up with the idea to build this station where I can do some hanging rows to build up my strength to eventually get to where I can do some pull ups.

Normally work out gear is quite expensive, but this was something we were able to do in a short amount of time and very inexpensively. We went down to the Home Depot since I had a gift card with some credit on it and picked up all of our parts there. In the end this only ended up costing about $26 dollars to build. We bought three of the 10′ PVC pipes, 2″ in diameter, the connecting  joints, and a container of PVC Cement.  The smaller PVC may have given a more comfortable grip, but it would not have been sturdy to hold someone up while doing rows, so we went with the bigger 2″ which works fine.

Assembly was easy, we basically just measured the pieces to the dimensions we thought would work best and then cut them with a saw. We cemented the bottom parts and then I took the rest home and finished the assembly and cementing there so it could all fit in my vehicle.

This thing is holding up nicely, is very sturdy, and is overall working out very well! Adding this exercise to my normal workout routine has been brutal, I’ve been doing it for almost a week and am definitely feeling it!

This is proof that you can build some gear pretty inexpensively and get in shape without having to pay a whole lot for equipment, especially if  incorporated mostly with body weight exercises. I’ve been getting in better and better shape and I have not stepped into a gym a single time. 

-Roger De Rok

12 Responses to “Build Your Own Gear”

  1. Son of Grok

    Actually it was 3″ diameter…

    2″ would not be strong enough.

  2. Tori

    That looks awesome. I was just asking people today what inexpensive tools they might advise for a home gym. I can’t do a pull up yet either (definetely one of my major goals for personal fitness) and this seems like a great idea. And affordable if I save a little. Thanks for that! What are hanging rows? Is that basically a pull up with most of your weight on the ground?

  3. Roger De Rok

    SoG: Oops! My bad. Could’ve sworn the connectors said 2″.

    Tori: That’s exactly what they are! This site has some cool animated pictures that show how they’re done:

  4. Kat

    Kinda expected to see a pic of you actually using it. Pretty cool workout station. I will not be showing this to my bf (don’t want him to think he can have one too).

  5. John Sifferman

    Cool idea – Ross Enamait has a huge collection of articles for DIY home gym equipment that is worth looking up for those interested.

  6. Bryan

    Very cool. I have thought about experimenting with PVC for light weight fitness equipment. Thanks for the encouragement. I am also interested in looking into home made suspension trainers. Do you have any input on these? The TRX is a little too pricey for me. MonkeyBarGym has one that’s pretty affordable. But, there’s something about doing it myself that appeals to me.
    keep us posted on the row bar and how you like it.

  7. Sara

    What were the dimensions for it? I’m trying to make one and trying to figure out how high off the ground and how long the support base should be. Thanks.

  8. Saturday, 10.9.10 « Cross Fit Hendersonville

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  9. Cory

    An oly bar on a squat rack works the same way (for those of us fortunate enough to own both). I’ve been doing it this way for a long time. You can set the bar up high and put your feet up so you are more parallel to the ground. Adds a little diffuculty.

  10. The Pull Up Station Man

    For $26 that’s not a bad piece of kit. How much time did it take you to build it? These days you can pick up an Iron Gym Pull Up bar for an extra $10. Would that not be a better option than to try and build one yourself?

  11. Roger De Rok

    Yes, that would be cheaper, but my reason for building this instead is because I can’t do a pull-up yet.

  12. eva

    This is awesome and not to be taken lightly, most people don’t put any effort into their physical selves. BUT! If you can’t do a pull-up, try to do a pull-up and fail. Then do it again. If you can’t do a push-up, don’t do “girl” push-ups, try to do a push-up, and fail. Do that enough, and you’ll accomplish it.

    My dad carried a ten penny nail in his pocket all the way through high school. He tried to bend it every day, and couldn’t. Then, one day, it moved a millimeter. He bends them into loops now and hands them to the boys I date.

    Shoot for your goal. If you fail, at least you’re heading in the right direction.

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