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May 22nd, 2010

I know. Its been a while.

Seems like I say that a lot. The computer has been fixed for quite some time but I have been working like a madman and neglecting the site (yes again). It is almost time for renewal on my domain and it isn’t free which means I am considering killing the site but I have not yet made up my mind on that one.

Anyways… several people have expressed interest in Roger De Rok (my highschool friend that followed my example and went from 320#s down to 180#s by being primal for just a year) starting his own blog. I figured… why not get the best of both worlds and just make him a writer on

This way you will get more frequent updates and I also wont feel so pressured to get content on here and also do guilty for not doing it!

Welcome Roger. We are eager for your first post and your primal experience!

10 Responses to “New Author = New Content”

  1. Kat

    Woohoo! Hey Roger, does this mean you’ll join the blogging world and actually start reading some? ;)

  2. Roger De Rok

    Hahaha, I read your comment before I even saw the name and immediately knew it was you. I have been meaning to start doing some more frequent reading of the other blogs out there, especially those of my online acquaintances who I speak with most often.

    Looking forward to posting here! I’ll make sure to get my first post up here within the next couple days.

  3. rsg

    Bring it.

  4. Adam | SEE

    The Bacon Dude abides! Looking forward to it.

  5. Josephine

    Well we are certainly looking forward to more posts! Best Jo

  6. mom of sog

    Wonderful Roger…will you going by the name of SOG or will you be using ur own name?
    I want PHOTOs!!!!
    Except for the dreadlocks I can’t imagine I would recognize you from SOG’s wedding day.
    Congrats and best wishes.

  7. Yavor

    Congrats and welcome, Roger! Looking forward to your articles!


  8. Beth

    Welcome Roger!

  9. musajen

    Can’t wait!

  10. RicDaRumor

    Hey folks, i just found this site today. I want to say to SoG i am inspired by the results you have received and really like the way you look once you hit months 6-9. I plateau recently after going from 206 pounds down to 180 and haven’t trained for a month and my diet has changed but still low enough cal where i’m holding steady at 185. I learned about you when goggling to lean if primal and paleo were the same. Head about you on MDA but thought SoG was actually a figure in the history of the figure Grok. Cool to learn your just a guy.
    Your progress is going to help fuel my inspiration to both diet and train my body more and in wider variety then the Catch wrestling, NoGi, and boxing that i had been doing prior to July 4th when i took my hiatus. I took a month off, now train once a week and look for motivation where i can get it.

    I’m happy to have found your blog, happy to see you incorporated a motivated write in De Roc and i hope to fit in around here.

    Thanks for taking your progress pics and making them available. Ive put in 3 months on 1 month off but would like to achieve a similar physique mainly in my torso that has worked for you. If you have a template of your workout style available i’d love to be linked to it.
    Fight training alone won’t do it i need weights but havn’t gotten back to that yet.

    So thanks again,

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