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R.I.P. SoG’s computer

March 22nd, 2010

My machine that I built 6 years ago (which has performed admirably right up until this weekend) has finally died. I was writing my post yesterday when my fans went caput and the whole thing catastrophically overheated and fried. I am dead in the water without access to email or anything really until I can get some new parts and build a new machine. I was pricing some new stuff on new egg this morning and hope to be up and running again in about another week or so.

Until then though, the site will probably go neglected… again.

6 Responses to “R.I.P. SoG’s computer”

  1. Roger De Rok

    Do a quick installment of “Random Thursday Pics” again to hold everyone over!

  2. John Sifferman

    Aw, bummer man. Good for you using Newegg to build your own, though. My brother has built me 2 workhorses at far cheaper than what it would have cost me to buy from Dell or Gateway – and I never have any technical problems.

  3. Son of Grok

    I can’t. Need my computer for that.

  4. Yavor

    Hey man, i had this happen to me too. Luckily the hard drives didn’t melt.

    I only lost the motherboard, memory, CPU, videocard and CD-ROM lol

    Hope you get it fixed soon!

  5. Mary Peck

    it happened to my friend in the middle of his thesis backups..

  6. Primal Homemaker

    We understand. I just had to buy a new computer a month ago. I got a MacBook Pro. I love it and it makes blogging so much easier. Good Luck.

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