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Primal Enchiladas

February 24th, 2010

Enchiladas Dressed

Alright, it is about time I put this recipe up. I think it still has room for improvement which is why I have held off on posting it but I have not gotten around to developing that yet so here it is in its current yummy state. Those of you that are adventurous can play around with it. I think that adding some organic sour cream to the beef before baking would make it even better as creamy enchiladas but have not yet tried it. This is an enchilada plate and not “rolled” enchiladas which are what you may be familiar with.

Primal Enchiladas:
Crust option 1: (This is my favorite. It sounds a little odd but its delicious).
- Eggs
- Ground coconut

Crust option two:
- Eggs
- Shredded zucchini

Other ingredients:
Beef (grass fed preferably)
- Onions (white, yellow or red. Pick your favorite. I prefer white in my enchilades)
- Green Chile (if you have it available which I know that those that aren’t New Mexican natives often dont).
- Salsa ( make my own special for enchiladas that is heavy on tomato paste)
- Shredded Cheese (I like a mixture of mozzarella, pepper jack and cheddar)

- Shredded Lettuce
- Organic sour cream
- Guacamole or avocado

1. In a baking dish we will first create our crust.
Crust option one.
- Make some SoG coconut griddle cakes and line the bottom of your baking dish with them. Fill in the in-between spots with some egg.


Crust option 2.
- Mix shredded zucchini with egg and line the bottom of the pan.

2. Season and brown your ground been in a skillet. I recommend a lot of garlic and spicy seasonings.
3. pour your browned beef on top of your crust.
4. Top your beef with chopped onion, green chile (if you have it of course) and a layer of salsa.
5. Top with your shredded cheeses.
6. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until a slight crust starts to form on the top of the cheese. About 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
7. Serve on a plate and top with shredded lettuce, organic sour cream and guacamole or avocado slices. delicious.

For my next recipe, I am working on an idea I have for Primal goat cheese manacotti. I know.. awesome right?!?!?

31 Responses to “Primal Enchiladas”

  1. Son of Grok

    For portions I use a square Pyrex baking dish with 4 coconut patties in the bottom and 1.5 pounds of ground beef. :-)

  2. James C.

    Oh man – Dinner Saturday night is now decided… Yahtzee!

  3. Ben

    Wow. That sounds awesome. Can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks SoG!

  4. Roger De Rok


  5. John Sifferman

    I usually go for a burrito grande, but enchiladas have a sweet spot in my heart (aka stomach). We’ll definitely give these a try – FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

  6. Lucky

    Dude! I am a New Mexican, live in New Mexico, and I loooooooooooove my chile! I am really grateful for this recipe, as I have left the enchiladas behind on this Paleo diet. Do you have a good recipe for green chile stew? I have been meaning to post my recipe, perhaps I will do that this week before my hunt-and-gather-my-own-food challenge starts on Monday.

    Thanks so much for this!!

  7. Chase Saunders

    Thanks for this. I have a simpler and less primal way to make enchiladas that is still way healthier. Basically I make enchiladas in a casserole format. I use individual ramekins, and I chop up a few corn tortillas into squares and add them to the mix. Typically I would use 3 corn tortillas for 4 servings. So it is just a few calories worth of corn, but enough to give it the familiar taste of an enchilada.

  8. Amy

    Hi SOG, this sounds great, but I am even more grateful for the trackback to the breakfast sandwich recipe!

    I got a little primal-ranty today on my blog and thought maybe I’d snag you or some of your readers, if it seems interesting at all.

    Your Lean Cuisine post the other day really hit home for me – people eating poison in the next office – how can I ignore that?? It’s easy to feel frustrated and alone in our quest to eat primal when everyone and everything around us mocks that goal and stuffs down microwave burritos and cans of coke. I guess my post is a bit defensive and aggressive, but I feel like it’s life or death, so it’s hard to be cool about it.

  9. TrailGrrl

    About time! I will try fixing this when I get back home.


  10. Megan

    I’m going to have to make these on a weekend when I’m back in town. Thank you!

  11. Drachemorder

    I made these tonight and they were absolutely awesome. I used the griddle cakes as the base and added some jalapenos and garlic and ate the ever-loving hell out of it.

    I can’t wait for leftovers :)

  12. Fergal

    Hello from Ireland!
    I made this at the weekend and my god it was amazing.
    Great post and enjoy your site.

  13. Krys

    Can’t wait to try this! Every recipe of yours that I’ve tried so far has been fantastic! Really love the bbq sauce! Lucky (above) mentioned a green chile stew. I posted a recipe last year for my favorite chili verde:

    Check it out, hope you enjoy it. Keep on grokkin’ on!

  14. Ron Kelley

    My wife and I made it last weekend and loved it. We used the zucchini crust option. Next time we’ll make the crust a little thicker. Otherwise, delicious! A good Mexican food fix without the bad stuff.

  15. BurritoKid

    Sorry i didnt reply. Made these twice since saturday. Love em!

  16. P. Riddler

    I have not had a chance to make this it looks gooood. Kind of broke right now almost dragged road kill home last night huge deer :( Would have made great inchiladas!
    SOG just wanted to let you know your site is the best.


  17. Klorg

    I just made these and they are currently in the oven. I have been making a bunch of your recipes with very good success. I have one question though. Should the mcsog griddle cakes be cooked before being put into the pan or can they just be baked in the oven with the browned beef and all? I love your mcsog griddle cakes but I make them with half almond meal half shredded coconut, it is a slightly less coconut taste.

  18. Son of Grok

    I pre cook them on a skillet.

  19. Todd

    I follow Mark’s Daily Apple and found this recipe from his post today. Oh am I glad I not only found this recipe, but that I found this blog. This recipe will be made very soon and I shall try out your workouts, other recipes, etc. Excellent blog on primal living.

  20. Tyler

    I have tried almost all of the recipes on your website. They are all good, however this one is GREAT. This is quite possibly one of the most delicious meals you can make while going primal. At least IMO.

  21. Kelley

    I noticed on your main page, you said you thought the Primal Enchiladas might not have been that big of a hit. You couldn’t be more wrong as far as I’m concerned. That was the first recipe I used from this site and it was AMAZING! I’ve been telling everyone who will listen just how amazing the dish AND your site is! Keep it up! I’m making the Craklin’Chicken tonight! Thanks for the great ideas!

  22. Deuce

    Just wanted to let you know that this was my FIRST primal recipe and it turned out most excellently. Thanks for the post!

    Deuce (a new and now faithful reader)

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  24. Stephanie

    My hubs and I decided to take the Primal Challenge (he found it on the internet and bought and read the book) and this was our first dinner recipe! It didn’t turn out quite like yours looks, but it sure tasted good! We also made your balsamic vinaigrette (a little differently) for our salads. This website is going to be a good tool for us recipe wise!

  25. ChelseaS.

    I really want to do this recipe, but does anyone have any suggestions for the salsa/sauce?

  26. Laura

    These were awesome! We had them tonight for dinner and everyone loved them, even my four year old:) Thanks so much for all your awesome recipes. I am sharing your awesomeness all over my blog:)

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  30. RUFUS

    nice blog

  31. MARCUS

    This is my second comment here, have been reading this blog for quite some time.

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