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Addressing the Rumors

February 1st, 2010

Alright, it has been a while so I thought I would pop in and address some of the rumors floating around.

- No, I am not dead.
- No, I did not get trampled by a mastodon.
- No, I did not shed human life and go to the woods to live with the wolves.
- No, I did not leave my wife and run away with Rick Martin…
- I didn’t give up primal.
- I didn’t give up blogging
- And I didn’t give up on all of you!

I have simply been very very busy. A month of travelling for work in November turned into a month of a ton of extra work in December which turned into a ton of work in January from making corrections for fallout from work in December.

Yes, I have received everyone’s emails. No, I am not trying to be a jerk and ignore them. It is my intention to go back all the way to November and start responding to them.

I am also somewhat suffering from blog topicitus. Primal is pretty simple and honestly… there are really only so many ways that you can say the exact same thing. I wont say any names but some of the other “major” primal blogs have really gotten in the habit of reposting the exact same information with a new shiny wrapper… and you know what? I am not about that.

I don’t want to say that I don’t have ANY content for you… I really do. In fact I have been sitting on the Primal Enchilada recipe for quite a while now just because I haven’t had a chance to post it.

Anyways, I am going to try to start getting to those emails and getting some posts up as soon as possible.

22 Responses to “Addressing the Rumors”

  1. megan

    Welcome back SoG, on a whim I followed your link from MDA today. I was hoping you had posted =)

  2. TrailGrrl

    Dude I feel your pain. Been pretty busy myself. But I do scroll by you to see if it’s the Return of Son of Grok.

    You had to say the E word, didn’t you? I’ve been waiting for this enchilada recipe forever! It’s like a Mexican Holy Grail now.

    Chillax and keep it fresh and not recycled.


  3. Roger De Rok

    The internet isn’t primal anyways, take your time! hahaha

  4. Matt C

    Good to see you back on board. i’m a few months in on the primal life and enjoying it. looking forward to future posts. Matt from Melbourne, Australia.

  5. Laura

    I am loving your blog! My family and I have tried almost all of your recipes and they are amazing! And so simple! I just posted the Gorilla Cake on my blog today. Soooooo good. Thanks for sharing your story and all your creative recipes. :) :) :)

  6. Jedidja

    Awesome! You’re back :) Glad to hear everything is ok.

  7. Marc


    I was never in doubt ;-)

    Happy New year my man.


  8. Troy

    Good to hear from you!

  9. Chris

    welcome back. I’ve missed your attitude!

  10. Judith B

    Phew! Great to have you blogging again! So glad it is just a case of bloggus interruptus and not a terminal case. Welcome back.

  11. Jamish


    Glad to hear you’re ok!

  12. Cliff

    glad you’re alright : )

  13. Dave Ridarelli

    Glad you dodged the Mastodon – It is tough thinking of new topics especially since a lot of health and fitness stems from common sense and Primal seems to take it even a step further. A quick look at your old posts could give you some fresh ideas…

  14. Angel

    I am looking forward to all the new content with the same old attitude. :) It’s good to hear from you again.

    However, I like knowing that someone whose blog I like has his priorities straight (life first, then blog). Helps me feel less guilty about neglecting my blog. :D

  15. John


  16. John Sifferman

    That’s funny. I was just going to comment on your Leavin on a Jet Plane post asking if you had run off with Ricky Martin… good to have you back. Primal enchiladas sound delish!

  17. Ben

    Whoohoo! Welcome Back SoG!

  18. hq

    Good to hear from ya, SoG
    You are needed! Just did the math. another blog is charging $ 695.00 for 2.5 days of the same information you have been providing. If he gets his 160 people, that’s over a hundred thousand dollars!! How many new ways are there to tell people to eat clean and exercise?
    Me thinks your recipes are of a lot more value. If this guy can charge that, surely a cookbook from you has value.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thankyou for the information and inspiration you provide.

  19. damaged justice

    The elusive SoG has been sighted! Huzzah :)

    hq – Mark’s blog is consistently high quality, but a conference/party is a different kettle of fish from writing for a website. Arguably I think the price is a bit steep on top of travel fees, but these are tight times and everyone’s feeling the pinch. Definitely agree with you on a SoG cookbook, which I’d be more than pleased to purchase when and if it becomes available.

    SoG doesn’t post often, but when he does, I take notice!

  20. Adventure8410

    Hey SOG,

    Glad to see you are back…been wondering what happened to ya man.

    Long time follower, first time commenter. Let me just say your recipes are amazing, if only I weren’t a poor college kid stuck in a dorm….one day, one day.

    Hope your time off was fulfilling.

    See ya around,

  21. Matthew Odette

    Hi SoG

    While there are only so many ways to say ‘eat this not that’, your recipes are amazing and creative. Looking forward to the Primal Enchilada recipe!

    Enjoy the afternoon!

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