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Leaving on a jet plane

November 1st, 2009

Hello… remember me?

Yeah, I know that I have not posted in a couple weeks and I apologize for that. I work in benefits and we are coming up on that wonderful time of year known as “open enrollment”. I have been extremely busy setting up the 2010 year benefit plans before this years open enrollment.

Well tomorrow starts open enrollment and I will be traveling all over the country for pretty much the next 3 weeks straight to facilitate, present and assist in the open enrollment process. My next 3 weeks will pretty much consist of 16 hours days flying, driving and working.

I do plan on doing it all primal. This will be my longest, busiest and most stressful trip to try to pull off primally to date.

Anyways, this also means a 3-4 week hiatus for the blog starting out. When I come back, we should be primed for a nice SoG thanksgiving post and maybe some primal travel tips that I pick up along the way.

We will see you then!

12 Responses to “Leaving on a jet plane”

  1. Megan

    Thanks for the update, Safe travels SoG!

  2. Kathy

    Glad you’re still with us! Good luck in your travels!

  3. Angel

    I’ll be interested in reading your primal travel tips. :) Take care, and safe travels.

  4. Jolly

    Safe travels!

  5. gcb

    we should be primed for a nice SoG thanksgiving post

    Thanksgiving was WEEKS ago! What? Oh. Well, it was weeks ago in Canada anyway… :-)

  6. Dave Ridarelli

    Primal Pumpkin Anything Would Be Delicious…

  7. Son of Grok

    check out my last years thanksgiving soufle that my grandmother made. It is in the recipes part of the site. pretty darn tasty.

  8. AtomicHammock


    I too eat the primitive diet and enjoy its many benefits.

    I would like to recommend a book that deals with the caveman diet/lifestyle in a rather unique way. Note: I have no commercial interest in the book – I just enjoyed it and I would like more people to do the same.

    Cave Dan by Thomas Adam Troy is actually a (very funny) novel which features the paleolithic diet. The main character is a slob who is forced by ill health to change his diet and lifestyle.

    Cave Dan is the only novel I know of that promotes the caveman diet. It is as informative as it is hilarious. I’m not sure if it is on Amazon – I bought it on Search: Cave Dan. The e-Book download is $4.99 for the pdf. I figured that with all your travel coming up, you may have airplane time to read!

    Like you, I would love to see word of this great diet spread like wildfire. Neanderthin and The Paleo Diet are great diet books I have read, but perhaps Cave Dan, as a mainstream novel, can reach a broader audience. Anyway, if you read it you can use your blog to post a product review – and hopefully more folks will discover the benefits of the primal way of eating.

    Safe travels.

    All best -


  9. Jesse

    We miss you. We anonymously miss you. Where ya been Grok-spawn?

  10. Maca

    Where the feck are u??????

  11. hq

    Where you at, dude? We need you back

  12. Dave Ridarelli

    Son O’ GRROOKKKKKK! You get attacked by a Mastodon? We Miss Your Excellent Postings…

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