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Commercial Cavemen Cookies?

September 21st, 2009
Cavemen Cookies from the Cavemen Bakery

Cavemen Cookies from the Cavemen Bakery

Last week I received in the mail a beautiful bag of these Cavemen Cookies from the Cavemen Bakery.

I know… I know… cool name right?

It gets better… this is the slogan on the bag “Just like your great, great, great, great, great… grandmother used to make!”

Anyways, they are available from the online store and are available in select deli’s and store’s around the NYC area (hear that you crazy black box crossfitters?). They claim to be a paleo friendly cookie for the masses. I know that I have featured my own “Caveman Cookies” here on the site but these are actually very different

So how do they add up? Here is the skinny on them:

The taste is great! Way… way… WAY to sweet for me and my sensitive palette but aside from that they are quite good. They remind me of a cross between a ginger snap and an oatmeal cookie.

This is the best part of these cookies. They are so soft and chewy that I have to wonder exactly how they managed to do it (ok, actually I know… it’s the honey and raisins but shhhhhhh). If you could think of the best possible cookie texture to have… this would be them.

From the packaging to the product, these look great. They are done in such a way that they would make great gifts in the bag or you could take them out of the bag for a party or the like and no one would be the wiser.

There are no chemicals and the ingredients are almost completely benign which is a nice thing. Almond flour, nuts, raisins, ginger and nutmeg are all pretty darn safe. The only thing I don’t really like about the ingredients is the honey. I am of the opinion that refined sugar is refined sugar whether it is refined by man or by bee’s albeit the bee method is probably more natural. There is plenty of honey in these cookies too, you can tell from the taste and the texture. Still it is a far better option than the typical cookie floating out there.

The nutrition info is easily available right on the website which is commendable.
Per 2 cookies it is:
Fat: 7g (Sat: 0.5g, Poly: 3g, Mono: 3.5g
Chol: 0
Sod: 0
Carbs: 15g
Fiber: 1g
Protein: 3g
Yeah a little high in sugar for 2 cookies… so eat only 1!

These taste awesome and truly are a worthy investment. I wouldn’t make a habit of packing them back but one here and there is definitely a reasonable treat. Also as I said, these would make an excellent gift! I have bantered back and forth a little in email with the owner of the Cavemen Bakery and I can assure you that she has the right motives and intentions. This means that not only can you enjoy eating a yummy cookie but you can also feel good about supporting a good business.

You can order Cavemen Cookies from the Cavemen Bakery online at:

15 Responses to “Commercial Cavemen Cookies?”

  1. Roger De Rok

    Got to taste one of these at SoG’s house on Saturday. I think they’re pretty damn good. Definitely would be hard to resist eating the whole bag at once.

  2. Fitness Fabulous

    That’s a cool looking package!

  3. Allison Bojarski

    As a “crazy black box crossfitter” who is Paleo-ish, I’d have to say I haven’t spotted these yet but now I will keep an eye out for them!

  4. SMB tech geeks

    Wow, how cool are they?!!! Do you think the bakery would like to open up a shop in the UK?! I think the biscuits might be a bit stale by the time they’ve crossed the ocean by snail mail, otherwise I think I’d be begging for some of these as gifts… ;0)

  5. Deanna

    Mmmm, those look tasty! I have a weakness for cookies, though, so maybe only as a treat…

    Thanks for the tip! I actually came across the Cross Timbers coop in my research, but couldn’t figure out if it was any good. Good to have a positive review!

  6. Richard Nikoley

    Well it didn’t seem worth it to pay nearly 50% shipping & handling, so I was going to get 2 bags and amazingly the S&H doubled to over $8. Increasing the order to 4 bags increased S&H to over $12.

    $12 to ship 48 cookies?

  7. Son of Grok

    Wow, I was unaare of the shipping costs. My Bag was gifted. Thank you for bringing that info to the table!

  8. John Sifferman

    I’d take these cookies over most brands any day, but nothing beats homemade :)

    Also, I keep hearing more and more about diet cookies. what the?

  9. Stephanie Lester

    Hi all – I’m the owner of Caveman Bakery, and I just wanted to respond to Richard’s post about shipping costs.

    We send all of our cookies via USPS priority mail, and we charge only what USPS charges us to ship.

    Unfortunately, since we are based in New York, USPS rates to the West coast are significantly higher than rates to the East coast or the Midwest. I just wanted to let you all know that we are not making any money through shipping; sorry for those of you on the West coast who this affects!

  10. Yavor

    the name is wicked! Too bad they are not available here in Bulgaria. 99.9% of the stuff you can buy here is full of trans fat. Ugh!


  11. Chuck O

    Just got mine in the mail today! Very Tasty! Only complaint is i will have to order more! i don’t see them lasting to long, now i just need to find out the Zone Blocks for these!
    Awesome cookies!

  12. FitJerks Fitness Blog

    Paleo friendly cookies… hmm. Well at least they got the marketing and the ingredients bang on. I think my tastebuds would agree with yours, honey along side raisins… I might gawk. 6.5g sugar per cookie is a lil rough, but I’ve seen worse.

  13. Dana

    Stephanie–Send it priority mail! All the priority mail boxes are flat rate now, no weight limit for domestic mail (it has to fit properly in the box, is the only limitation), and it’s the same price no matter where it’s going.

  14. Gluten FREE foods ROCK

    I am hosting a giveaway for caveman cookies on my blog, along with a 10% coupon code for everyone to use. Feel free to enter our giveaway.

  15. Adam-The Fitness Chronicle

    I have never heard of these. I’m going to be honest….my mouth is watering right now. I do know honey has some antifungal properties but it does have quite a bit in each cookie. I’m wondering if you could make the same type of cookie with half honey and half stevia? Just a thought. Thanks for the post!

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