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One year of Cavemaning it

August 25th, 2009




I almost missed it. This month one year ago, I decided to turn my life around and started moving towards a primal lifestyle.

Wow… I never could have imagined that I would be where I am right now.

Here are a few things I have learned along the way:
- It is WAY easier to be fit and healthy that you would expect
- A lot of people are going to think you are crazy
- You have to do it for you
- The outdoors is an awesome place to be
- Over-analyzing and over-sciencing your approach is a waste of time
- Food is more than something to tide your hunger over. Real food is delicious.
- I love cooking
- I really can live without bread and french fries and chips and corn and sugar… and live well!
- Eating fat can make you NOT fat
- I really do have abs under there!
- Most people really do have no idea how to get healthy
- Most people do not realize how much of an impact what you eat has on your health
- I don’t think that I ever want go back
- Much much more that I neglected to mention here!

So here is to my success… and yours!

42 Responses to “One year of Cavemaning it”

  1. Erica @realfood2health

    You look fabulous! Congrats on your great year!

  2. Primal Mama

    Congrats on a year of primalness! Love your site, keep posting!

  3. Space

    whats your abs routine caveman ?)))
    Congrats for the change!

  4. Son Of Grok


    Primal Mama,
    Thanks… Doing my best to keep the site up.

    I don’t have one. Ditching all the stupid crunches and sit ups was one of the best things I ever did. I occasionally do planks but thats about it.

  5. aaron blaisdell

    Great 1-year success story!

  6. Mamatha

    Congratulations SoG! And thank you for the inspiration, I’m a big fan of your recipes.

  7. Marc Feel Good Eating

    Congrats SoG!!!!
    Way to go man!
    Proof is in the primal pudding ;-)


  8. Yummy

    Congrats!!! Good work! What awesome results! You inspire so many people.
    I agree, planks are awesome and not as boring as crunches.

  9. smoketheblowfish

    You have got to be f’in kidding me SoG! You look like the ‘before and after’ photos for a stinking infomercial.

    Awesome job and fantastic inspiration sir SoG!

    ps. The ‘things you’ve learned along the way’ are the same things I’ve been learning along the way. Thanks for staying strong and staying true. Killer blog!


  10. Roger De Rok

    Congrats man! I didn’t realize you’d only been doing this for one year now. Glad you did it, because it inspired me to do the same 3 months after you started and I saw your excellent results. Super happy I did this. You’ve been a huge inspiration and support system for me on my primal journey. Now that we’ve gotten all sappy and touched butts, YES THE FOOD RULES! I would’ve never thought I could eat so much bacon and lose weight.

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  12. Vasco

    good to see u still going strong! tis almost a bit of a shame that u can’t improve much on your physique, cause you already seemed to have that look after much less than a year

    not sure if I ever mentioned how awesome ur caveman custard is – but if I’m repeating myself, I think that’s perfectly justified :)

  13. John Sifferman

    Awesome work buddy!

  14. Mike

    Man, that’s epic.
    I agree that you are an inspiration.

  15. Mark

    Great post, it will be inspiration to a lot of people. Me included. What are you weighing in at now? Thanks

  16. hq

    Damn, SOG!
    I think your pictures should be posted on the front of every primal/low carb blog!
    You are an inspiration. I forwarded this to my sister and brother in law for inspiration. They have just started on the primal journey.

  17. Katt

    Congratulations, SoG! I found your site through MDA, and while I tend to hang there, I have kept track of your site and read your posts regularly. I tried the Guacamole Beef last night, substituting buffalo for the meat. Wonderful!

    You are looking great!

  18. Anna

    Congratulations. One question, though. What happened to the chest hair?

  19. Kat

    Congratulations! Isn’t it so much more fun to be fit? I can’t imagine going back to my old carb-ful ways. I just have to much energy and happiness in my life now!

    I have some before and after pics up on my blog if you want to see :)

  20. Son Of Grok

    Alright… lets see if I can get everyone here:

    Thank you.

    Thanks, I have another recipe on the way!

    Thanks man.. hope you are doing great!

    Crunches and sit ups also caused me a lot of back pain and trouble.

    Smoke AKA Mikez,
    Thanks! i saw your most recent pics on your site too and you are lookinging mighty trim.

    Roger De Rok,
    If you try to hug me.. i am running.

    Very valid point. My results did come quickly and I have been mostly maintaining. I am glad you dig the custard!

    I appreciate it!

    Thanks man… lol, i don’t think anything I have done has ever been called epic before ;-)

    I weigh in around 186-190 now. Heaviest weight was 250.

    Thank you! I hope it goes great for the sis and bor in law!

    I love me some buffalo! Thanks for sticking around.

    Thank you. The hair is still there lol. I never shave or wax. I periodically use the clippers to trim it back which is probably why you cant see it. I do it not necessarily for the asthetics and looks but more because it gets uncomortable. Shirts and what have you rub and pull at it and it gets awfuly hot during the summer! TMI? lol

  21. Son Of Grok

    Nice results!

  22. Julie

    Congrats on your success! You look great.

  23. Roger De Rok

    No hugs for you!

  24. CC

    Your 1 year change is amazing! I keep coming back to this blog and always leave with more inspiration in hand.
    Thanks for sharing everything with us. Here’s my result since June 1st.

  25. Son Of Grok

    Very noticable loss in only two months! Great job.

  26. C2H5OH

    Wow, I wouldn’t believe anybody can look and feel like that in under a year!
    First time poster, long time lurker

  27. Kathy

    Great before and afters. . .thanks for sharing and continuing to inspire!

  28. C2H5OH

    I love to complain, so your photos are to dark :D

  29. Andy

    Like MikeZ said – you’re a friggin Paleo Poster boy!

    Congratulations and good job.

  30. TrailGrrl

    You look great man! You were a little Puff Daddy-ish in your first pic. Now you are Tarzan, only with a bigger vocabulary. People say “wow, you’re getting really skinny. You must work out a lot. You d a lot of cardio?” I’m lucky if I work out AT ALL. But I do eat a lot of red meat and fat. This usually doesn’t go over all that well. Except with men, who generally are more inclined to like meat, or want to be told it’s ok to eat bacon and sausage and steak. I tell them I eat meat, fat, and still drink beer. I get the ribeye sandwich and brats at the Catholic festivals this summer… ditch the buns and pass on the funnel cake. It works, no matter what you think about how “healthy” it is. I haven’t eaten cereal in like 3 years. I just went by how I was feeling… bloated, energetic, lean… whatever my impression was. I fixed chili with a lot of meat in it last night since it is beginning to feel like Fall. I woke up feeling all flat-bellied this morning.

    Keep it up, especially with pics.


  31. Fitness Fabulous

    You’re looking great, and, totally agreed!!!

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  34. Alex

    hey SoG,

    found your site a few days ago, you’ve given me heaps of simple godamned food I can make so I don’t overdo it on crap when I want something special.

    Nice thing about this community in general, its full of people who don’t hold back on what they want to achieve, whether it be better nutrition, or tearing the head off a mountain lion with their bare hands.

    keep it up

  35. pieter d

    Hey SoG,

    I believe I’m commenting for the first time. I’ve been following for longer and keep coming back, so: thanks!

    And yeah, you look great! One question keeps coming back: do you lose body hair because of your primal lifestyle? ;-)

    Because that could motivate some…

  36. Wondering

    Do you take steroids or HGH or anything like that?

  37. pauleygirl

    You look AMAZING! Very inspiring-Congratulations

  38. Son of Grok

    No nothing like that. I just eat and train by the primal blueprint. A lot of the steroid type bodybuilders would probably think that I am too thin and don’t weigh enough even though I might be more ripped.

  39. chocolatechip69

    Woa, you look amazing! I’m sending this to my boyfriend. Maybe it will be enough of an inspiration for him to finally take that leap. He looks a lot like your first picture:)

  40. KP

    Hi SOG,

    Was looking around some food and training blogs and i found your site.

    I and a group of friends have been on a similar path as you are, its part caveman diet and part of many other things, but generally a low carb approach. Brilliant. I cant put it better than you have what you have listed – and i agree 100+1% of what you have said – like people thinking you are crazy. It really hits the spot. I’ve got colleagues telling me in MY face that i would ‘simply revert back to whatever i have been eating and grow fat again’. I wonder if its a simple case of clueless-ness on his part or if its jealously at work….

    And more importantly, you are dead right about people’s knowledge about health. Its shocking how many people seem to know about health, and not know anything about it at the same time, and unable to execute what they believe (that they think works) to achieve the results they want (eg. weight loss or strength level).

    It seems like the idea (at least in my part of the world) you’ll have either to jog to your death or follow some fad movement (yoga,gym) to find a way to get healthy. They open their eyes wide when i mention to them its actually not so hard to lose weight……

    If you don’t mind, i’ll like to link up your page to our blog. Cheers and keep it going!

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