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Make Primal Work for You

July 24th, 2009

Make Primal Work for You Katie made a very good comment in my motivation post that got my rant going. I have tried to make this point in several posts and comment discussions but maybe it is time I came out and specifically posted my thoughts on this. I am of the school of thought [...]

The Importance of Solitude

July 23rd, 2009

The importance of solitude  In our modern lives we are so connected that it almost seems we are disconnected…. from ourselves that is. Between work, family, friends, appointments, obligations, texting, email, phones, and everything else in out lives, it seems like we are almost always connected and interacting in one way or another with people [...]

A Primal Snack More Addictive Than Crack! Ok, well maybe that is an exaggeration because I hear that crack is indeed pretty addictive. And also it is pretty unhealthy for you where as this is perfectly primal but anyways… … I give you Crackling! Roger de Rok introduced me to this stuff and I can’t [...]

Lately I have just not had the motivation to post. I am sorry for that and I feel bad but the motivation to get articles up here just has not been there for the past couple weeks. I even have my first free workout program all completed. All I need to do is take some [...]

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