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Primally Delicious Hummus

June 8th, 2009
I know. I get an "F" for presentation but it is delicious!

I know. I get an "F" for presentation but it is delicious!

Recently I discovered that my brother in law, my sister and my wife are all pretty big fans of hummus. Seeing as how hummus is made from legumes (which aren’t the worst thing in the world but I recommend avoiding), I figured that I would see what I could do about finding a more primal alternative.

This is what I found. Unfortunately I cannot take credit as this is taken from several similar recipes spread across the web. Still though this is extremely easy to make and also extremely good. This is so good in fact that I am now hooked on hummus as well!

This makes a great vegetable dip or you can eat it like me and put some over fried eggs which I find delicious.

-2 peeled and cut zucchini
-3/4 cup of tahini
-1/4 cup of olive oil
-1/2 cup of lemon juice
-4 cloves of garlic
-2.5 teaspoons of sea salt
-1/2 tablespoon of ground cumin

1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor (or blender).
2. Blend thoroughly.
3. Enjoy!

Store in the refrigerator.

Do you like hummus? Try this one and let me know what you think!

37 Responses to “Primally Delicious Hummus”

  1. Jedidja

    Interesting! Definitely going to try that. Was a huge fan of hummus, but really cut back because of the chickpeas conflicting with #primal way of eating :)

  2. Yummy

    Yay! I’m totally going to make this as I love hummus and I love zucchini! Thanks!

  3. damaged justice

    How did you know I’ve been looking for a non-legume hummus for months? SoG comes through again :) I can also attest from personal experience that zuchinni and cheese also makes a great primal pizza crust!

  4. Marissa

    I am a complete hummus addict, I also love zucchini so I will have to try this recipe.

    I recently came across info on chana dal, which yes is related to the chickpea, but the glycemic index is really low. I came across it here:

    and here is a recipe for chana dal hummus:

    just in case anyone wants to try! I actually have some soaking right now.

  5. LabRat

    That fried egg thing had never in a billion years occurred to me but… sounds like it could work. Must try.

  6. Alchemille

    Hummus without legumes is quite a challenge…Kudos!

  7. chris

    It’s called moutabel and is very popular in the middle east. It is even better if the aubergine/zuchini is smoked.
    traditionally it is served with pomegranite seeds spread over the top……yum

  8. Motherhen68

    Holy crow SoG! This is wonderful as A). my garden is crazy w/zucchini and B). I love hummus but don’t eat it due to the high carb/chickpea thing. Woot! I know what I’m making this weekend.

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  10. Angel

    Another great recipe … I love hummus! And I also love tahini! My mouth was watering as I was looking at the recipe. Thanks!

  11. Marc Feel Good Eating

    I make it a lot….it’s awesome!!!!

    Hope all is well bro.


  12. Shannon

    I’ll have to try this, though I almost never have tahini in the house so I’ll pick some up and hold out for some good zucchinis in a few months.

    I have sprouted garbanzos waiting to be cooked up later, so we’re not totally legume free around here. I’ve been sprouting garbanzos and lentils for a while now and have found pretty good results – no digestive issues and much lower in carbs.

    I suppose one could make the argument that while a legume they are also seeds.

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  15. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet

    I am totally making this or a variation of it soon! Sounds delicious!

  16. Alex Kay

    I just made this, and wow, is that delicious! The garlic really tops it…

    I also put some flax seeds and whole sesame (seeds?) in it, to make it a little thicker… And of course, I added some paprika too.

    Thanks a lot for the idea SoG, take care!

  17. Helen

    I make a version of this all the time, but I also add one jalepeno pepper, including the seeds. I also add either fresh cilantro or fresh dill.

  18. inspirit

    I have started my paleo diet today. I am very grateful for your blog. Thank you for such terrific recipes.

    The hummus and custard look wonderful. Signing off here to go through all your entries. Thanks again for such creative paleo recipes…never thought I would have hummus again..

  19. stacey

    Thanks SOG for this recipe, I made it last night and I’m giving you two thumbs up for this!!

    I’ve made several of your recipes and so far NOT one of them has fail, keep him coming!!!

  20. Wendy

    This recipe looks great. I love zucchini and like dips I can pack along with my cut veggies, so I am definitely going to try this recipe. I happen to be a huge hummus fan and make a different variety every weekend — all with chickpeas — so I can’t think of this recipe as hummus. Especially since ‘hummus’ is the Arabic word for ‘chickpea’. Calling the dip hummus, when you don’t want to eat hummus is sort of like creating something called tofurkey when you don’t want to eat turkey. Rather than eating a ‘fake’ of what you don’t want to eat, why not embrace it as a recipe distinct and delectable on its own merit? I’m just saying. Thanks again for the recipe!

  21. Amy Wills

    Here’s a question…. I know chickpeas are high carb, so how come the carb content on store-bought hummus is always super low. Anyone notice this? How is this possible?

  22. Jenny from the Grok

    I was skeptical about this recipe, I’ll admit. But I made it and it was delicious!! Hubby and I used it as a dip for sliced cucumbers and peppers and noshed on it for days, and then when there wasn’t much left we thinned it down with a little balsamic vinegar and used it as a salad dressing. Yum!

  23. Tom

    This is really tasty, tahini is super expensive so I subbed some peanut butter, a bit of a cheat but I needed to use it all up, next time I’ll try cashew or almond butter. Thanks for the great recipe!

  24. Elle

    hadn’t thought of using zucchini, have made baba ghanoush which is similar made with eggplant, tahini, garlic, lemon etc, do you have to cook the zucchini or do you just process it raw? thanks

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  26. jai

    ‘Amy Wills

    Here’s a question…. I know chickpeas are high carb, so how come the carb content on store-bought hummus is always super low. Anyone notice this? How is this possible?’

    the serving size is usually one its carbs per tablespoon.

  27. Jessica

    Very good recipe! I just made it and it is quite tasty. I will say that next time I will cut the salt a bit. I thought it was on the salty side.

  28. Jack of Hearts

    Hey this recipe looks great, save one thing though. Tahini is made of sesame seeds. :(

    Any suggestions for something other than tahini to use?

  29. Jamie

    Also try baba ghanoush. Similar, but made with eggplant instead. The flavor profile is pretty much the same, though.

    Sprout the chickpeas! Sprouted hummus is delicious, and also much more primal! The sprouts make the legume easier to digest, and give you more of a veggie profile.

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  31. Linda

    Thanks for the recipe. I have one possibly silly question, is the zucchini processed raw?

  32. Sommer

    I’m not a big fan of zucchini, but I saw a very similar recipe using avocado, which is perfect because of the texture! I think I will try this with avocado!


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  35. Tiana

    Awesome flavor, however it was really runny. This I make use it as a salad dressing. Thanks for the recipe

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