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Did a brief interview with Dave over at The Intelligent Workout. Follow the link for the post. Also check out the rest of Dave’s blog! It has some good reads.

SoG Interview at The Intelligent Workout

5 Responses to “Interview over at The Intelligent Workout”

  1. Angel

    Indeed good reads! That was a good interview with you too.

    Maybe you can get away with eating only one bite of wedding cake. Ours is still in the freezer – we never seriously considered getting it out on our anniversary (well – I brought it up, and the look on my husband’s face was not encouraging). :)

  2. Vin |

    Great interview! It’s nice to find more bloggers who are focused on eating whole foods and living a healthy lifestyle based on the habits we evolved on!

  3. Roger De Rok

    Yeah, great interview. You definitely need to post a blog about how you react to that one year wedding anniversary cake!

  4. Andy

    Nice interview. I agreed with almost everything you said. I still enjoy my occassional beer now and again, though, but that’s just me. Also sounds a lot like discussions I have with other people who want to change their eating habits. But sadly, I get a lot of glazed-over looks and extreme reluctance to give up their precious sweets.

  5. Roger De Rok

    Oh and I can vouch for SoG’s blueberry milkshakes. Awesome!

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