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I Survived the Anniversary

June 29th, 2009
Disaster Waiting to Happen

Disaster Waiting to Happen

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while. I recently had a major change in that I changed companies and I have been adapting to my new position and company and getting everything figured out as far as my exercise schedule and all that jazz.

That above is what I was SUPPOSED to eat on Sunday. That is the wedding cake we froze for a year to celebrate our one year anniversary. It is a white cake with bavarian cream filling and fondit frosting. So pretty much it is sugar, filled with sugar and coated with sugar. Yuck. Anyways we just couldn’t eat it.

So in the trash it went and I whipped up this to substitute…

Much Better

Much Better

It is my Gorilla Cake with a home made strawberry cream cheese frosting. It turned out delicious with no guilt, no sugar coma and no hospital visits!

All in all an excellent trade I would say.

The Whole Cake

The Whole Cake

13 Responses to “I Survived the Anniversary”

  1. Andy

    First off – Happy Anniversary.

    Regarding work – that gets to the best of us. I’m in the same boat regarding some fire-drills at work. Just do the best you can trying to settle into your new schedule.

  2. Roger De Rok

    Second that Happy Anniversary! That cake looks amazing!

  3. Marc Feel Good Eating

    Happy aniversary my man!!

    Good luck with the new job.


  4. gcb

    SoG -

    Best wishes on the anniversary, and best of luck on the job!

    Between this (re)post of your cake, and the raw-fruit pie that Mark linked to on the weekend, it’s like someone should open up a paleo bakery! :-)

  5. Dean

    Hey Happy Anniversary. I was at a wedding on Sunday, they had “Pit Turkey” and “Pit Beef” which was awesome alongside my salad. Dessert was very tempting, I was drooling over the Coconut (sweetened I’m sure) topped cupcakes but I resisted the urge and stuck to the nuts I had stashed in my car!

  6. Dave - The Intelligent Workout

    Congrats on the anniversary SoG. I’m sure your wife was even more proud of you for whipping up that Gorilla Cake…

  7. gaucoin

    Happy Anniversary! Any advice on the icing or is it as simple as it sounds? This might be our son’s birthday cake in August!!

  8. Wealthy And Healthy

    Can almond flour be used to make a passable roux?

  9. gcb

    @Wealthy and Healthy -

    No, almond flour can’t be used for a roux – it doesn’t form the structures required to thicken. However, arrowroot starch can, and is considered by many to be appropriate to the paleo diet.

  10. Zach

    Happy Anniversary! I just had mine a couple of weeks ago. In September I’m coming up on my one year anniversary of going paleo. Just want to say, that you’re doing it right, and helping set the standard for adherents to this lifestyle.
    Best Regards,

  11. Michelle @ Find Your Balance

    Ah yes. We have our cake waiting in the fridge. Kinda grosses me out anyway, the thought of year old cake.

  12. Meggilizz

    Happy Anniversary! :) We never got to keep our wedding cake b/c it was a Junior’s Cheesecake!

    Your cake looks great–how did you make the frosting?

  13. Susan

    Can I say O M G?? and I may have missed this but where is the recipe for the cheesecake frosting? ;)

    Just discovered this site and love it. Thakn you SoG!!

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