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Climbing with Fitness Fail

June 11th, 2009
Me and Chris on an easy part of the wall

Me and Chris on an easy part of the wall

The wife and I had the pleasure of meeting up with bloggers Chris from Fitness Fail and Rayna. They were passing through to some remote part of New Mexico (lets be honest… MOST of New Mexico is remote).

We enjoyed an evening of climbing and good ol’ barbecue. Both Chris and Rayna are extremely fit, cool and friendly. We had a good time. Make sure to check out both of their sites!

Chris did a little write up on the meet here so I wont bother with redundancy… go read his:
Chris’ Write Up

I can tell you this though, when you don’t climb for a while… you lose it. I didn’t feel like we did that much climbing really but I was unbelievability sore (insert excruciating pain) for 3-4 days after!

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  1. John Sifferman - Real World Strength Training

    Good to see you climbing some more, SoG! I went out for a climb today at a local state park, and ended up with quite a fall – nothing serious, but I’ve got a egg bump on my head, and a scrape from my rotator cuff to my elbow, plus some more cuts and bruises all over. I think it was the shoes that slipped on one of the rocks – it was pretty wet with all the rain we’ve had lately. Lesson learned – go barefoot! and never climb alone.



  2. Son of Grok

    That sounds like quite the scare John! Glad to hear you are alright though.

    The SoG

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