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Caveman Custard

June 2nd, 2009
Dairy Free, No Sugar Added Custard

Dairy Free, No Sugar Added Custard

Do you miss puddings and custards in your primal world? We have a local egg custard here known as “Flan” and for some weird reason, I have been craving it. Here is a custard recipe that I have been putting together. I finally got the proportions perfectly where I like them. If you like yours sweeter, all you need to do is add more bananas! This recipe is about as simple as it gets.

- 2 bananas
- 1 can coconut milk
- 3 eggs
- Cinnamon

1. Combine all ingredients except for cinnamon in a mixer and mix well.
2. Pour into custard or souffle cups (coffee cups or other oven safe containers work fine if you don’t have custard cups).
3. Sprinkle top with cinnamon.
4. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for approx 45 minutes. Custard will balloon a bit and you may see some liquid… its ok, it will work itself out.
5. Chill.
6. Serve and enjoy.

This makes a tasty treat! Careful though… it is easy to overeat lol.

44 Responses to “Caveman Custard”

  1. AT22

    So are the bananas just all mushed up and become smooth or are there banana pieces?

  2. Mark

    Sounds good! Might need some vanilla.

  3. Son of Grok

    They are all mushed up. A couple chunks here and there wont hurt you though.

    Vanilla would be fine with it.

  4. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet

    Genius! I love how it’s sweetened only with bananas! I would add vanilla and freshly ground nutmeg. Yum. :-)

  5. Jonathan

    I never realized how easy this would be to make. Thanks for the recipe, I’m totally making this this weekend.

  6. Curt

    Very nice. I made it to the directions but I poured a small amount in a custard dish and then the rest in a small Corningware baking dish. The small dish cooked perfect at 45 minutes but I’m going on 1 hour for the baking dish.

    Thanks for recipe. Something I occasionally do is chop up an apple in small bites and saute them in butter and cinnamon until tender.

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  8. Jonathan

    I made this last night. Realized, I never have really eaten custard and didn’t know when it was done. Mine turned out a bit gray.

  9. musajen

    I made these last night and sampled a little taste of one. Yum! They smell awesome and I looking forward to eating a whole one tonight. Plus, SO easy. Oh, I did add a splash of vanilla to it – I think it was a good addition.

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  11. Mark

    Pulling my batch out of the oven as I type this. I used a pryex baking dish (rectangle) and baked @ 350 for 45min – you weren’t kidding about ballooning up! It smells wonderful…can’t wait to dig in later after dinner.

  12. Christine Crain

    Mine didn’t turn out as good as yours. It tasted OK, but not great. And it was grey instead of a nice yellow :(

  13. Son of Grok

    I am curious as to why it is turning out gray for some people. Different coconut milks maybe? Different egg yolks? I have made this recipe many many times with the same results.

    The SoG

  14. Nicole

    About the grey…. sometimes when i sautee bananas in butter for my one year old, the bananas get a grey tinge??? Not sure why and only happens occasionally. just thought that i would pass that along. Maybe something to do with the bananas ripeness?

  15. Jen

    This is really fantastic. I added a splash of vanilla, and they haven’t completely cooled yet (which will help too) but they really are good. I have to say, after adjusting to mostly primal eating, this may even be too sweet – I may knock it down to only one banana next time. How great is that?! I really love your recipes… your creativity is inspiring! :)

  16. Alchemille

    Simple and natural…My kind of treat!
    It’s probably better to use ripe bananas for this: they’re easier to mash and taste sweeter (but it’s mostly a matter of taste).

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  18. marc

    FYI, when making custards it might help to place your souffle cups in a water bater bath while in the oven. A water bath is simply a pan filled with water that comes up about half way around the cups you have filled with water. Hopes this helps.

  19. Tyler

    Would it hurt to sub some almond milk for the coconut milk? I have plenty of that and have been looking for other ways to use it.

  20. Peggy

    weeee! I’ve been working on a can-of-coconut-milk custard recipe too!
    I cooked mine on the stove, however. I will try this on for sure! I like mine with vanilla & nutmeg also. I serve warm with a warm berry mix & toasted slivered almonds. & maybe toasted shredded coconut…

  21. Lauren B

    SoG, I am trying this right away! What a cool recipe. Your blog inspires me to eat more paleo!

  22. Cadence

    I have made this recipe twice now – absolutely love it! I add vanilla and use 3 bananas instead, and it’s a big hit in our household.
    I also bake vegan a lot, and I am going to gtry to replace the eggs with Silken Tofu. I will let you know how it turns out.
    Thanks for the great, simple recipe!

  23. Angel

    Hey SoG, if you have an instant read thermometer, you might want to monitor the temperature of the custard and post what temperature means “done.” Of course, I am thinking of meat, here … I don’t know if baked goods work the same way.

    I kept a can of coconut milk for too long once … the contents had turned gray, to just about match the metal of the can. Yuck. I thought of that when people mentioned that their custards turned gray. But I guess they wouldn’t use gray coconut milk to begin with. :)

  24. Adam Kayce

    We made this last night, as written (plus a few drops of almond and coconut extracts). Awesome.

    Ate it warm, though; very tasty. Hit the spot perfectly. (Gorilla Cake is still my fav, though!) :D

  25. andy

    If you grind up bananas and let them sit too long, they will turn grey from oxidation. Putting a little acid in with the bananas like lemon juice or the like might help, but I’m not sure what it would do to the custard. You can also make sure you minimize time between grinding and cooking, also making sure all the ingredients are room temperature to start with helps. I almost always warm my eggs in a bowl of water before cooking.

  26. Craig

    Haha – this isn’t custard as I know it (a smooth vanilla, egg and cream liquid served hot or cold (had the best custard ever in Spain!)). ‘Flan’ is a good word to describe the texture.

    It is *really* good though! Also great hot or cold. A really light dessert, I think this would be awesome in summer. I’m not hardcore (still eat cheese & double cream) so I’m going to try experimenting with half coconut milk/half cream, or even just see if I can make a traditional custard without the flour and using banana instead of sugar… I’m a custard fiend!!!

    Nice work SoG, I have printed loads of your recipes and can’t wait to try some of the cookies next :)

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  30. Christine

    I don’t know what I did wrong, mine tasted more like banana flavored scramble eggs. I tasted it before I cooked it an really liked the taste raw.

  31. Monica

    We loved this! Mine turned out to be a bit on the gray side as well, but it wasn’t a big deal. I also added some vanilla extract which gave it more of a custard taste. I was thinking about adding some unsweetened coconut next time :) Yum! Thanks for the recipe!

  32. denise

    I made this but was not impressed. It tastes WAY too much like bananas. I think making regular custard with a little agave or honey is the way to go. Pbly not purely primal…but us custard fanatics have our standards. Creme Brulee can even pass the primal test…use farm cream instead of coconut milk.

  33. kennelmom

    Best. dessert. ever. (second to your strawberry cheesecake)

  34. Skye

    I make this all the time now, and I LOVE it! It has become my way of using up overly ripe bananas, since I only like eating them under-ripe normally. I add 1.5 teaspoons of vanilla to the mix, as others suggested. Thank you for this amazing recipe!!!

  35. jem

    my favorite breakfast!! i use organic bananas which are on the smaller side so it is just barely sweet and mildly banana flavored.

    is is just subtly sweet so there’s no temptation to have another…..and another. just perfect. and yes a dash of vanilla!

    highly recommended!!

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  40. RobbieC

    Made this tonight but doubled up on the recipe. Added 2 tsps of vanilla extract and a bit extra cinnamon, too.

    Nice for when I just have to have desert. Turned out really, really good.

    Cooked mine in 8 oz souffle cups…nice single serving size.

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  43. Paul Halliday

    Superb! I bet this is really nice chilled as well. I am a firm believer in eggs that come from chickens which are not fed, but made to rely upon their instincts of pecking and scratching up grubs. The eggs we get are from such chickens – VERY orange yolks will keep any potential greyness at bay.

    I’ll try this just as soon as I can get some coconut milk – my supermarket inform me that there is a “global shortage” which has hit their supply chain. I call BS … I’ll find a supplier!

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