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Today 5-8-09

Today 5-8-09

The goofy smile and thumbs up is for the people who comment about the “serious muscle pics” lol ;-)

I can’t seem to get out of shape. Not that I am really TRYING to get out of shape but due to work and the rollerblading injury, I have hardly worked out at all in the last 3 weeks. I have only done about 2 sessions of light bodyweight exercise (crawling and jumping jacks mostly) and a walk here or there. As you can see from the picture above, I haven’t really gotten out of shape at all.

Am I posting this to brag? Not at all. I am posting this because even I am surprised that i have not regressed further. As someone who used to be VERY OUT of shape, it just amazes me at how easy it truly is to stay IN shape.

Once you get to a point where your body is pretty fit and lean, I think that becomes your bodies natural state of homeostasis. I have noticed a couple things over the past couple weeks.

#1 I eat less. My body naturally craves less food than when I am more active. I think this is part of the reason I have stayed in pretty good shape. I am not forcing myself to eat less, I have just noticed it happening.

#2 I desire more natural exercise. Everyone knows that I have been moving more and more towards natural movement training but know that I can barely exercise, I find that when I do exercise, I just want wanna have fun (Cyndi Lauper anyone?… anyone?… no?…. ok). This means running around and jumping and crawling. I barely have a desire to pick up a barbell at all right now.

Just some thoughts and observations. I cant wait until my tailbone is all healed and I can get back to doing some squat jumps and box jumps.

Have a beautiful day!

14 Responses to “Getting out of shape is hard to do”

  1. Jedidja

    Man, I have been thinking about how you, Mark, and other #primal people look and realise that I have zero excuses :) I want to have a similar picture, and I just have to follow a similar plan to achieve the results.

    Awesome pic, btw :)

  2. Andrew

    SoG, so i have been reading Mark Sisson’s Page for a few months now, and I have been reading your page for a few weeks and I must say how impressed I am with both of your physiques as well. I starting to go primal now myself in hopes of attaining this look! I got to say it is getting tough after the first few days of not eating cereal or bread and the hunger is starting to get to me. However, I am going to try and work through it. I applaud you on your transformation!


  3. Greg

    I’ve got to say — I wish I had that problem. I keep working on getting there. Moving toward a more primal diet. We’ll see how I manage…

  4. Andy

    SOG, not that I’m nearly that ripped, but I often see the same type of ‘metabolic momentum’. It is a cool thing.

  5. TrailGrrl

    Looking good, Big Mon. I haven’t been doing squat either, but I’m staying fit enough to buy new clothes (it’s a chick thing!). I think if you are eating primal that is most of the battle. Had pizza for lunch meeting at work, but I got my ribeye and shrimp in chipotle sauce last night. Sometimes the barbells lose their, uh, luster. When it gets nice out playing and being outdoors is much more enticing. Lift some big rocks or trees (uh, not in the ground trees… like fallen ones… don’t go all Hulk and pull them up). Do squat jumps with that stuff. Ever since I saw the MovNat thing inside stuff is bringing me down. When you’ve healed maybe get back into the climbing wall thing. Climbers are always ripped. So are surfer dudes. People who “play” all day like that always look great and have natural symmetry.

    Off to Europe for a week so I’ll probably be on a steak binge when I get back. Looks like where we are going there will be good walking opportunities. And cheap wine…


  6. Evan

    There ya go! Great pic.

    Last week I added a 15 minute bodyweight circuit from’s “shredded in 31 days” thing to the tail end of each of my weightlifting sessions, and one day I put sprints on top of that. The bodyweight circuits were gruelling but hugely satisfying. Maybe it’s my imagination but I think I can already see some results. Between burpees, air squats, tuck jumps, one legged squats and sprints, I haven’t squatted with weight on my back in weeks, and I get the feeling I don’t really need to.

    It’s encouraging to hear that once you get to a certain level of fitness, your body manages itself better. My sugar cravings have been nonexistent for almost 2 weeks. I don’t even crave a big, juicy navel orange. Well, off to find a wall to see if I can at least do handstand pushup negatives.

  7. Marc Feel Good Eating

    you look great man….even with the sh.. eating grin ;-)


  8. Megan


    Saw your testimonial for Mark’s new book. Good stuff but it doesn’t do your transformation justice! =)

  9. Alex

    SOG, my favorite exercises are fit deck’s bodyweight and navy seal playing cards (check them out at Or make your own. I think when you eat primal and do bodyweight exercises it actually takes less effort to stay in shape.

  10. Nate - Fit-Life

    It’s always said that fitness is around 80% diet and 20% exercise. I think this really helps drive that point home.

  11. Rayna

    Nice pic SoG. Glad to hear your maintaining your pride while you’re out of the game. Guessing you haven’t been able to climb either? Boo for that. Injuries can’t keep me off the rocks but they’re more of an addiction for me.

    I did squat jumps the other day…. they suck, big time. I had never done them before but after a few rounds of those, lunges and jumping lunges my legs and butt were impressively sore the next day. Good stuff :-)

  12. Jonathan

    This is so awesome to see. Yet more inspiration for gong primal. I’ve dropped 20lbs these last 30 days and look forward to the day I can pose with a big thumbs up!

  13. karlito

    Just found this site. I’ve been eating Paleo/primal some time now and have similar experiences. I’m gravitating towards more simple natural movements as well. Really like this site. Keep up the good work, and thanks!

  14. Dave - Intelligent Workout

    Good Point SoG – Whenever I take a week off and have another week of getting back into the grove of things I’m always concerned my physique will go flat and my strength will drop. You’re exactly right about how when you get to a certain fitness level your body doesn’t want to fall too far off the wagon. Getting there is the tricky part…

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