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April 13th, 2009

Hello Everyone.

Remember me? Lol… last post was the 9th. Wow it has been chaotic. Hopefully some of you are still interested in reading SoG and I haven’t lost everyone in this hiatus!

So word on the promotion….

I didn’t get it…

I got promotion +1.

So that is the good news. It also means things are going to be ki9nd of rough for awhile. I am anticipating 12 hour days for the first couple weeks while I learn and adapt to my new team and my new employees. I also need to learn the basics of 2 different job functions that I and my team will be supporting. One of these functions is usually 7-11 weeks of dedicated training and the 2nd function is usually 4-6 weeks of dedicated training. I will get no dedicated training and will be working in what training I can while managing my team. Fun… I know I can do it, but as I said it is going to be crazy and hectic. Oh… did I mention the new term of school starts today too! lol I am out of my mind. If it were not for being primal, I don’t know that I could handle this level of stress!

I DO have 1 week of R&R starting today through Friday to rest and recharge my batteries before this mayhem begins (My last vacation was my honeymoon July of last year). I say R&R loosely as I will be doing various projects around the house and doing schoolwork and what have you This also means that this week, I actually WILL have time to bring you quality (at least I hope they are quality) posts for the rest of this week. Yay!

As for what will happen when this week is over? I anticipate that posts and comments from me will become more sporadic and slightly decline in frequency while I catch up at work and settle in. Maybe this will happen and maybe it wont… we will play it by ear and see how it goes.

Thanks for sticking with me during this transition!

17 Responses to “Whats the Haps?”

  1. Dean

    Congrats on the promo. Hang in there caveman, things will get back to normal eventually.

  2. Joe Matasic

    Congrats on getting the promotion. At least, I think so. It seems like you got more than you were hoping for?

  3. Reid

    Congrats on the promotion!!

  4. emergefit

    Although I will suggest that Grok (remember your dad? ) just took his promotions — he did not wait for them to be offered, I will say congrats! Whether you write once per week, once per month, or whenever time sees fit, I will check in and read what you have to say!

  5. BJ

    Congratulations Bro!

  6. James

    congrats on the promotion! what the hell do you do, anyway? Good to have you back. I personally have fallen off the wagon tomorrow is day one back in crossfit, I have epson salts and aspirin at the ready.

  7. Marc Feel Good Eating

    Congrats on the promotion SOG.
    Make sure you get in some R&R even though you’ve got stuff to do.


  8. gcb

    As they say, no good deed goes unpunished…

    Congrats on the promotion!

  9. Andy

    Congratulations on the promotion. Maybe as part of your employee evaluations, you should make them do a 300 baseline test. Then point them to your site, give them advice and retest them in 3 months. Easy way to establish improvement! Plus you will probably be lowering the health care costs on your employer.

  10. damaged justice

    Joining the chorus — couldn’t happen to a nicer Grok!

  11. Jedidja

    Awesome! Congrats :)

  12. MizFit

    we are happy FOR you and happy to hang WITH you whenever you can post for us!


  13. Chris -

    Congratulations, and no worries, I think the majority of your readers will still be here.

  14. Son of Grok

    Thank you everyone! I am not so sure that congrats are in order though. I have taken on a ton more responsibility with very little (VERY LITTLE) pay increase lol.

    “Normal” should be living like a caveman… not sure any of us will ever “get back to normal” ;-)

    Joe M,
    Thanks! Yes, I got more of a position than I was expecting. You know what they say… shoot for the stars cause you never know right?

    Thanks! I still owe you an email. I will get to it I promise.

    Thanks man. You are a pillar in my struggle to blog and your comments are always appreciated. My dad (Grok) didn’t have to worry about all this Politically Correct crap. He could take what he wanted and get away with it ;-)

    Thank you!

    I wont say my company or official title as I like to keep work and the blog separate for the most part. That way they don’t jeopardize each other. I can tell you though that I work in Telecom.

    The R&R isn’t going so hot. I am staying too busy… why do I always do that? I DO need to chillax.

    Too true too true.

    I WISH i could get away with that. I am in a work environment of people that largely just sit around at a desk all day chugging giant sodas, eating sugary pot luck food and free sweets provided by the company. NEedless to say, diabetes and obesity run rampant in my line of work.

    Damaged Justice,

    Why thank you

    Thank you Miss… I need a you to give me a video making lesson or something. Might be less time consuming than all this writing! lol

    Thanks brutha. I appreciate it.

  15. ttfn300


  16. Angel

    Congratulations, and good luck with all the challenges ahead.

  17. Primalism

    “Remember me? Lol… last post was the 9th. Wow it has been chaotic. Hopefully some of you are still interested in reading SoG and I haven’t lost everyone in this hiatus!”

    You don’t have to feel pressured to post every day or even every week – too many bloggers do and their content eventually suffers as a result. The best advice I’ve got is to post new blog entries whenever the mood strikes, that way you’ll be sure to be passionate about what you are writing about and that will come through in your writing.

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