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I am an a^%hole

April 25th, 2009

This is my first time using a computer since last weekend for purposes other than work. I will spare everyone the details but 13-14 hours of work per day does not allow a lot of time for… well… anything but work.

If the coming weeks are anything like this past week (and I am told they will be… for the next 6-8 months minimum), access to the blog and all of your blogs will be limited to the weekends. I HATE that. I love this blog and I love interacting with you all and sharing with all of you.

That being said, a few things:

1. No this isn’t todays post… I will have a real one up hopefully shortly.

2. I am going to try to get back to everyones comments over the past week. I appologize ahead of time if I miss yours.

3. If you have experience shedding the societal grind and getting to doing what you truly love, please e-mail me… I would love to hear your input. ([email protected])

4. I am thinking about branching into a couple things like selling SoG Jerky, Caveman Cookies, maybe and SoG Reserva wine, etc. from this site. Your thoughts? I am also considering something drastic like maybe opening a very different type of gym locally (Less traditional gym, more corssfit style but not completely, 100% SoG). Your thoughts?

I miss you guys!

14 Responses to “I am an a^%hole”

  1. MI09

    Hey SOG,

    first of all i have to say that i like a lot this site, it’s very helpfull and your progress is amazing. It motivates me a lot.

    It would be great great if you open a gym, it’s always great to help others. This is what i intend to do in the next 2 years in Romanaia. I want to quit my job (i began to hate the corporate world) and open a gym.

    I’ve already prepared a name for it: The Cave :) . On the walls i will have posts from Mark Sisson blog and others, pictures with real food :)

    If you have a great spot for selling (near a subway station), consider to open a fast food with primal food: fresh salads, 100% fruit juices.

    Keep in touch :)

    If you start earlier, maybe we can start a francize :)

    If you have a

  2. Matthew

    I wish someone would quit their job and open a real gym somewhere near me. If you follow through (and more power to you) i would totally go if the commute wasn’t so killer. A plane ride to the gym and a primal life just don’t quite square, you know?

    As someone not yet old enough to be jaded by the “real” world, i honestly don’t understand why anyone would spend 5 out 7 days doing something that they dislike. It just doesn’t pan out in my head.

    If you follow through with it, crazy respect…

  3. Joe Bernard

    Any place can use another crossfit-style gym (well, except maybe California lol). I loved working out with other crossfitters at the level 1 cert I went to, nothing beats the friendly competition and it pushes you to another level. I think it would be great if you had a rock climbing wall in it or on the outside, since: 1. you like to rock climb (and who doesn’t) 2. it would make your gym not only 100% SoG, but unique. Good luck with work!

  4. Tim

    Pemmican, too! Of course jerky is great. But add pemmican to the mix. Just powder/grind up your best jerky, then pour on the rendered tallow, mix stir thoroughly and let it set up.

    I suppose I never had a true “daily grind”, did some sales jobs, collections, worked for others…. but I’ve had my own gig (bicycle retail and service, small shop) for a decade now, and it works out pretty fine. Money isn’t huge, but I get perks like closing the shop on powder days at the local ski hill. I get to bring my dog to work. I can have a beer with lunch (well, beers are rare lately, grainy carbonated drinks, not too Grok-ish) when I feel like it.

    I’d certainly dig a “crossfit” style gym next door, or in the same building some how as my bike shop.

  5. emergefit

    You already know my thoughts…….. Welcome home SoG!

  6. Chris

    go for it. It will be hard work, amazingly stressful and the most enjoyable thing you’ll ever do. Nothing beats walking away from “The Man”

    Nothing ventured, Nothing gained.

    Besides we didnt get to be here without Grok going out on a limb now and then and taking a risk!

    ps I run my own business and its the best thing I ever did work wise

  7. Camille

    I can highly recommend The Four Hour Work Week as a book with TONS of time saving tips. I listened to it on audio book while I did work around the house. Ironically, it urns out one of his tips is to NOT multitask! :)

  8. MI09

    My deadline is first of may, 2011. Wish me luck

  9. Son of Grok

    Mine is called “The Spartan Academy”. ;-)

    Shedding the guaranteed paycheck is a hard step to take. I am not quite sure I am there yet. I am also not quite sure a gym would break even here. Maybe if I was in a bigger, more dense city. Not quite sure here though.

    My plan for a gym includes many climbing activities…. a rope, a net and maybe even a wall.

    I must admit… if I do get up the guts to do this (which my guts are losing the battle right now), I will certainly consider you part of my inspiration.

    I do know your thoughts. I am just too chicken sometimes i think ;-)

    Any advice you can offer would be appreciated!

    I have had so much training on time management that it is rediculous. I am good at it to though. THe problem is no matter how good, efficient and effective I get, that is an open invittion to my employer to give me more lol.

    All the luck! Keep me updated!

  10. gcb

    I was thinking about something “sort of” related to that last week… Two of the hardest things about starting a paleo lifestyle, for most people are (1) getting the information that’s out there (if you don’t know where to look) and (2) getting through the first three days, beating the sugar cravings, etc. Combine those two things into a three-day-weekend “caveman camp” with fitness and nutrition classes and catered with meals that show off the best caveman cuisine.

    Anyway, just a thought I had last week.

  11. Chris -

    You might want to do some reading on the Crossfit message boards and on their affiliate boards. They have a section aimed at affiliates/gym owners there. While I realize you’re not interested in going strictly Crossfit, there’s a lot of useful information there that is relevant to anyone starting a small gym. CF affiliates are popping up like weeds, and with a little research you can see which ones are successful and which aren’t, then try and figure out why.

  12. TrailGrrl

    I still go to see the workout facilities whenever I travel, but I’ve noticed I’m a lot less obsessive about it. I used to be bummed because the facilities usually suck, but now that I’m primalled up I know all that crap isn’t necessary for me to stay fit.

    It’s like regular gyms don’t impress me anymore. I like the climbing wall idea… sort of an indoor obstacle course would be cool. As I’ve gotten older my balance isn’t what it used to be. My goal is to be fit to respond to emergencies as well as to enjoy activities, so something where you could do those sorts of tasks… you may have to climb up ladders or bend a lot or lift or drag a person. Carry equipment one-handed. Lift something off of a person. That sort of thing. Not sure what that would be exactly but I like the ropes and netting idea.


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