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Melissa eats small meals all day

Melissa eats small meals all day

Its amazing what you can learn standing in line at the super market. There were 3 different magazines side by side with theis “Melissa” (Whoever that is) on the cover and 3 different ways proclaiming were her secret to staying in shape!

Wait until I tell Brad Pilon about this breakthrough!

11 Responses to “Have I been Wrong This Whole Time?”

  1. Dean

    So I’m guessing the three different ways didn’t include going primal!

  2. David at Animal-Kingdom-Workouts

    Melissa looks great, so who knows? Maybe she’s onto something? Of course, if she ate primal, maybe she could look even better? (She’s a reality “star” who is currently on “Dancing with the Stars”. Don’t ask me how I know that, I just know).

    - Dave

  3. emergefit

    Wow, great info SoG! I’ll bet Melissa also knows the “10 best ab and glute tightening exercises” too.

    My pet peeve here is that….. well, things like this have a direct line to my 30 or 40 pet peeves in the marketing of “fitness”

    I love, SoG, that you just wrote a single paragraph that deserves several books to be written in response. The masses are easily swayed, and in-turn, the masses remain massive — and not in a good way.

  4. Natalie

    You see, that’s one of the ways you know you’re getting old – you don’t know who any of the “celebrities” are anymore. I seriously do not know who a good three-quarters of these new starlets are, so I must be geriatric!

    (I’m 31!)

    I bet her real secret is not eating….

  5. smoketheblowfish

    S o G, are you saying that I can dump the Jessica Simpson diet? Wait, now I have to choose between the Melissa Diet #1, #2, and #3. Maybe I’ll just wait for Jennifer Love Hewitt to go on a diet and then I’ll use hers (or maybe a combo of JLove, Melissa, and JSim).

    Sarcastically yours,


  6. RedBeerd

    To be fair, eating small meals all day does work. I lost the bulk (literally) of my weight that way before I discovered evolutionary fitness and IF. I highly doubt that Melissa has ever been overweight since she used to be a pro cheerleader and is obviously very active, but “eat real food and exercise” just isn’t the “secret” the supermarket tabloid crowd is interested in.

  7. Angel

    I suspect her greatest “fitness” secrets are that she chose her parents well, and that she is young. If she still looks this good 20 years from now, I’d be a lot more interested in her fitness secrets.

  8. Son of Grok

    I bet they include “Starvation”, “Drugs” and “Cosmetics” though!

    She does look mildly attractive but it is so hard to tell with photoshop, makeup, surgery etc. i wouldn’t be suprised if there is cellulite hiding there as there often is with celbrities.

    That was a keep it simple stupid make YOU think about it post lol ;-)

    Agreed. i don’t know who any of the hot celebs are now.. unless i see them on a mag in the checkout at the grocery.

    I thought JLH was on the Rosie O’Donnell diet these days?

    Why do i always have to be fair? lol. Not saying small meals deosnt work, but i think it sets many people of for failure. When I ate like that, I was STARVING… many people dont have the willpower to overcome being starving all the time.

    I agree… lets see in 10-20 years.

  9. Nate - Fit-Life Online

    Haha, are you saying Grok wasn’t into drugs and cosmetics? Dammit, I’m gonna have to reevaluate this whole primal thing…

  10. Anna

    I’m so out of touch in terms of celebs these days. On the rare times I go into a supermarket, I can carry my 2 or 3 items to the self-service checkout, so I never get a chance to stare at Melissa’s photo and wonder who she is or where Photoshop did its wonders. I bring my own reading material to appts so I don’t even know how out-of-date those waiting room magazines and tabloids are. I watch most of my TV via a DVR machine, so I FF through nearly all the ads. It’s bliss being so uninformed, as the saying goes.

  11. carolyn

    As a Melissa fan, I object to all these oh she must have been photoshoped comments. She is in her mid twenties, she spent her season on the Bachelor wearing a bikini 90 percent of the time (even when they were in Seattle in a hotel, she jumped in the bathtub on camera in a bikini, this girl is very confident abouther body) and she is now on Dancing with the Stars wearing skimpy dancing outfits…so with High Def TV she isn’t being photoshopped to appear attractive. She has been in dannce training since she was a little girl (her Mom owned a studio) This girl grew up being fit and became a Dallas cowboy cheerleader (and yes was on their bikini calendar) So lets not assume everyone who is fit and attractive on a ocver of a mag. is photoshopped. She has great skin, great teeth and a great figure.

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