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Sorry for the Myspace-esque cell phone pics

Sorry for the Myspace-esque cell phone pics

Appologies for no post yesterday. I actually had one typed up but thing after thing came up and I never got to post it. I will put it up tomorrow. Also awesome commentary everyone on the Bacon post! really great discussion.

Yesterday I did a long overdue 300 test. This is after a week of not working out. Thats right, I haven’t worked out at all for a week… not even my walks. The closest thing to working out I have done is planting a couple trees in the back yard. Even that didn’t take very long nor was it very hard. For the past week work, working towards this hopefull promotion, transportation issues, life and various other bits and pieces have been coming up one by one and I just have not worked out.

I will use this to make 2 points… that are somewhat contradictory to each other lol.

Point 1: You can take a week off from working out without wasting away or taking major steps backwards. As you can see from the picture above (taken last night), I have not lost all my muscle, gotten fat or significantly changed in body composition at all. Some people are afraid of missing a single workout as they are afraid they will instantly begin regressing and losing hard earned gains. This just isn’t the case. Everyone knows I am a big fan of listening to your body and taking extra rest when it needs it. In this case, my body didn’t need it… my schedule did… but either way, its ok to miss a workout or 2 from time to time.

Point 2: This is not a free pass to make a habit of missing workouts or to stop working out! My performance WAS impacted. I completed my 300 test, but I did it in just over 30 mintes (this is a slower time). I could feel the impact to my body of the prolonged time off. It took it longer to get going in the workout and the workout was definitly harder than it should have been. It seems like one good workout was enough to get me back in the swing though and I am sure I will be 100% back on track by my workout tomorrow.

So, you can miss time working out… its ok. You do not need to freak out or mentally stress that you are taking leaps and bounds backwards if you miss a workout or you take extra rest time. BUT expect some impact to your performance and expect some extra time to be needed to get back into things.

Take the time you need but don’t take advantage or overdo it!

Your thoughts?

17 Responses to “A 300 Test, a Point and a Counter Point”

  1. Chris -

    I should do one of the 300 tests sometime – never have, and people talk about them enough in our community that I might as well do one….

    this is timely. I’m not going to be able to work out for the next four days and its killing me. More because I find working out to be a mental break than because of any (realistic) fear or withering away though.

  2. emergefit

    My streak ended at 423 days back in 2008. 423 days that I had not missed a workout — not one. 423 days of consecutive, rigorous, exercise of some sort; weights, plyo, gym cardio, sprints, running – something. That streak almost ruined me physically, and nearly a year later I am still living with some of the results and damage. It was not a voluntary streak, as I am a paid training partner for several athletes — as well as for several non-athletes.

    Rest and recovery are the most under appreciated values in all of this, and in the aftermath of that streak, I live that first hand in a large way. It’s very much a 3 legged stool; work, fuel, recovery.

    Some suggest that nutrition represents 80% of the picture. That would leave just 10% each to work and recovery. I don’t buy it. I place them all at 33 & 1/3rd; not one element any more or less important than the others. Just my opinion.

  3. damaged justice

    Again a post just in time — I decided on the fly to dial down the intensity today. Did 10 minutes of stretching with one or two brief sets of my usual bodyweight stuff and called it good. It was hard to consciously scale back, especially once I got going — but you and other excellent bloggers have convinced me that exercise should be intermittent in schedule, as well as style. I never want to miss at least a few minutes stretching every morning, but I think I’ll try every other day on the more intense routines and see how I feel. Not like I don’t get plenty of exercise in the kitchen with those coconuts!

  4. Chris Wolf

    Great post SoG, I’ve recently cut back from 6 days a week of P90X (for the past year) to 2 days of P90X weight lifting, 2 Days of sprinting and 1 day of bike riding or walking. I hope I still continue losing weight even though i am not working out as much.

    Any chance you could post your usual workout list for a full week?

    - Chris W

  5. Camille

    At some point a few years ago I got addicted to going to the gym such that I developed classic signs of over training and took, I think 3 or four weeks off to recuperate and I was all the better for it. It is important to listen to your body, and *remember* rest is a part of the primal blueprint too!

  6. sammylou

    i agree with listening to your body. every once in a while i get the nagging feeling that i need a long weekend off from the gym [i usually go mon-fri]. and i usually feel better for it. every once in a while i feel i need more time, maybe a week, and many times i have come back from that rest and set new pr’s. i think it’s very important for you physically and mentally [it can give you a renewed sense of mental energy when you return].

    just go with your gut and of course, don’t use it as an excuse to simply slack.

  7. sammylou

    i think there is a saying that goes:

    “muscles aren’t made in the gym”

    and i think that refers to the fact that our muscles build and repair when we are resting.

    is that right?

  8. Bill

    Well put, SoG.

    (and you are correct, sammylou)

    Recovery is much more important than the exercise. Without the recovery, you will not realize the gains from the exercise. And without recovery, you will hurt yourself.

    The key is to figure out the perfect amount of recovery. It’s way too easy to move past that optimum recovery and turn it into a prolonged lazy period.

  9. Jedidja

    Good luck with the promotion :) Ditto on what you and others are saying about rest/recovery being an important part of a fitness routine. Amazing pic, btw..regardless of workout results.

  10. Evan

    Guys look so serious when posing for their muscle pics. When I get to SoG’s level, I’m going to take a picture wearing a funny hat and a big goofy grin.

    For the past 2 weeks I’ve been following a “7 minute muscle” training routine. Just 7 minutes, 4 or 5 times a week, not counting warmup. I’m wondering how a regimen with intense bursts of so short a duration will affect my need for rest. We’ll have to wait and see.

  11. Son of Grok

    I am sure you will be able to rock the test! Try it and let me know how it goes.

    That is quite a streak. Probably would have put me in the hospital! Glad you are recovering a bit from that (you ARE recovering right?)

    If you like stretching then do it! I hate stretching myself lol. I dont think stretching is going to cause you any kind of overtraining damage lol.

    Chris Wolf,
    I am sure you will be fine. You might even lose more weight! I have been getting a lot of similar requests about my workout schedule. I will work on throwing something together.

    Overtraining sux doesn’t it? I have been there. Much better results now while allowing myself to rest.

    Sounds like you spend a lot of time in the gym… be careful you arent overtraining! It is good you take prolonged rests sometime though. And yes… i love that saying and it is so true.

    Totally agreed. That is the purpose I was trying to convey in this post. Recovery is important but dont let prolong and develop into laziness.

    Thanks. I dont know about amazing though lol.

    Thanks for pointing that out. I will try to do a happier picture next time around! 7 minutes!?!?!?! I dont know about that… that might be TOO short in my book lol.

  12. Son of Grok

    P.S. Commenting from my phone. Can’t make it to my computer to post. I know, i am a crappy blogger… sorry!

  13. smoketheblowfish

    S o G, I’m glad I made it past the picture and read the entire blog. At first I thought you were asking for assistance in finding an extra long nose hair.

    Taking a week off is a good thing and….it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. For me, taking a week off is nothing more than cutting down my resistance sessions by 30%, not doing any Interval training, and doing some moderate cardio (so I can catch up on my reading or watching of Oprah). I find that I do wear down and a “lightening of the load” helps me get the intensity back to where it should be.

    Have a happy bunny day Grok/Woman of Grok…and everyone else


  14. TrailGrrl

    Wow your midsection is looking even more ripped!


  15. Rayna


    You make excellent points here that I have been trying to beat into people forever. Sometimes I need day’s off from working out and sometimes I even call for mental days. (the body does not know the difference between working out stress or life stress).

    I like to listen to my body, but I know a few that refuse to take time off and sometimes even end up sick for it.

    Sleeping, eating and reducing stress go a long way but sometimes live gets in the way and you need the break.

    Of course I do think you’ve gained about .25% body fat… so you might want to quit eating for a day or two. I hear that helps.

  16. Son of Grok

    I am glad too. I wasn’t trying to look like a douchbag. The light in that room stinks and i was concentrating really hard on trying to see the screen! lol

    That because of all the fat I gained while taking a week off! lol

    1/4 of a percent!?!?!??! Oh no… paris hilton starvation diet here I come. lol

  17. Demetria Apel

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