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I am going to open the bleeding heart box and get a little personal today. There are numerous ways that going primal has improved my life and believe it or not, it doesn’t all have to do with 6 pack abs. I would like to directly address a couple of the facets in which my life has improved.

My health is the easy one so I will hit that first. Before going primal, I was on a fast track to an ailment and medication riddled future. My lipid profile straight up sucked. No better way to put it. My HDL levels were critically low and the doctors were talking statins. No matter how hard I worked to improve my health via conventional wisdom routes, I could not improve. Hell… I couldn’t even maintain as I slipped slowly further into the abyss of western medical issues. It took less than 3 months… yes three months of going primal to not only improve my health and lipid profile but to actually bring them to an extremely healthy level. Primal poer baby.

The other tremendous improvements that I have experienced all have to do with the hormone stabilization involved with going primal. These benefits are so great that they almost outweigh even the health benefits!

A little background: I have long been an emotional nightmare to be around. Even as a little kid, one second I might be a perfect angel and the next a total nightmare. You can ask my family. This has always made me pretty darn hard to be around because you never knew what Erick you were going to get. I could flip in heartbeat too. Things were actually so volatile with my family that I moved out at an early age. This personality volatility did not stop after my childhood and continued into my adulthood. You could probably even make the case that I was borderline bi-polar. I also have gone through times of severe depression due to this.

Going primal has truly regulated my hormones. I no longer have the spikes of serotonin or the poor abused and beaten up serotonin receptors. I am a much MUCH more stable person. This is not just via my own observation but has been pointed out to me repeatedly by my mother, family, friends and my wife. I am all around a much less stressed out and much happier person.

This has benefited me in several ways:

Family and Relationships
I get to see my family a lot more. They visit more often and we are allowed to visit them more. It has really helped me to build some of those relationships that were fully developed when I was younger.

I am not going to lie. when I went primal, I was on the verge of an early divorce. My relationship with my wife was bad… and quickly getting worse. It was both of our fault but my mood swings certainly were not helping things. We were talking the big D word and only 2 months into being married! Stabilizing my (and her) hormone via living primal has helped us beyond belief. I can now openly call our relationship phenomenal.

I am good at my job and I like my job… but it is a stressful and demanding job. In the past, I have let this stress get to me to a very unhealthy level. This has cause me severe work relate anxiety and depression in the past.I have also not always been the most fun person to work with on major projects. I always get the job done but I built a reputation for being a little shrewd, demanding and not very understanding. Since going primal, my relationships have greatly improved with my co-workers. I am still known for getting the job done but I am considered much more pleasant to work with lol.

All in all, I can not describe with enough enthusiasm the improvements that primal living has made in my life. I am like a new person. I am still me, but I am a much much MUCH happier healthier me. I feel like I am living life the way it is supposed to be lived. I no longer view life a suffering as I once did.

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  1. James

    Good stuff. did some sprints last night, for the first time…killed me. sucking wind. can’t tell you the last time I ate something like bread or pasta. Glad to hear it’s working out for you. I’m sure that the blog helps to keep you disciplined, as you have an audience to answer to. Keep up the good work!

  2. hq

    Right on, Sog!
    Thanks for sharing your reality which I would guess is more common than you would would think.
    Keep up the great work, your truly an inspiration to many.

  3. David at Animal-Kingdom-Workouts

    Thanks for the post Erik. When you get one part of your life humming along in a positive way, it will frequently spill over into others areas for the better as well. Glad things are going so well for you. You’ve earned it!

    - Dave

  4. FoodRenegade

    Great news. This is something my family and I noticed, too, after switching to a more traditional food diet. We all had a much better ability to regulate our moods. We don’t have nightmarish mood swings anymore, and I am soooo thankful!

  5. BEE

    Thanks for the personal note SoG.

    It’s amazing how much going primal can connect people (my bf and I are going through it now) on a different level. And as someone who has also had her share of depression and mood swings, it’s so encouraging to hear that this has helped someone else so profoundly.

    Thanks for opening up!


  6. Kirsten C

    I love everything you post but this is the first one that has actually inspired me to post a comment- Thanks for posting this, it means a lot to get to read it. I feel very inspired.

  7. Son of Grok

    Thanks! Those sprints can really take it out of you when you start doing htme… or even long after you are a sprinting pro. lol

    As always thanks for your positive attitude!

    If evil begets evil then good definitely beget good. THere is something to me said for positive momentum for sure.

    It makes such a huge difference! I like the recent studies showing improvements in schools that limit sugar.

    Didn’t realize the BF was joining you on your primal journey… have you turned him into a convert?

    Kristen C,
    Thank you so much! Feel free to comment any time.

  8. Mark

    Great post!

    Personally, some things I have noticed – acne is much, much better, no more core sores (over a year now!), and shoveling snow doesn’t get my heart racing like it used to. My mood also seems more stable and I’ve felt less depression this winter, though I don’t know if it’s primal or vitamin D supplementation.

  9. Marc Feel Good Eating

    SOG, this is awesome!!!!
    I linked to this post right away in the hope that many more read it.(hint hint to all others with blogs)
    I’m really really happy for you.


  10. Son of Grok

    I have noticed the skin complexion bit too. I would consider getting enough vit D part of a healthy primal lifestyle so i think you can count it as both!

    Thanks for the support man! I may not have beautiful beaches like you (someday…) but that is no reason not to make the best of what you do have.

  11. TrailGrrl

    Thanks for the post. I’ve noticed that my mood and attention are much improved since going primal. My sugar swings used to really take me into the basement. I’m not so whiney now and my focus is much better, and I don’t seem to need as many naps.

    I didn’t realize how much my mood varied with sugar levels until I was eating hardly any sugar and no wheat or dairy. I’m much more stable and happier, and more likely to be positive even about work issues rather than complaining or feeling stuck under someone’s thumb.


  12. emergefit

    I think for anyone living a primal, semi-primal (me), or just a life which includes well-thought eating and regular and intense movement, the benefits are obvious. More to the point, remove these elements from one’s life, or never include them at all, and you will see life not being lived, not being enjoyed, and not being productive to it’s fullest potential and that’s a shame.

    Thanks for putting your thoughts out there SoG — it’s risky I know, and I have done it myslef a time or two. If we put it out there, others benefit. If we keep it in, we are just living a lie. Good stuff, and kudos to Mrs. SoG for supporting and practicing herself. Grok on…

  13. Angel

    This is a really great post, SoG! I particularly appreciate you mentioning the stabilization of your moods. I think you indeed would have been diagnosed bipolar if you had seen a mental health professional, and bipolar is a very serious diagnosis with a poor long term outcome without serious meds.

    I started eating low-carb in June 2007. I too noticed an improvement in mood (although that may have been due to an improvement in sleep) and the ‘winter blues” have not been nearly so bad these last two winters.

    I recently completed a master’s degree in counseling, but I’m not certain now that I want to be a counselor. I wrote a blog entry several weeks ago where I went into more detail about my reservations about being a counselor, given what I know now about how diet and other lifestyle factors affect mental health. You can read the blog post here if you like:

    Thank you very much for your honesty. I hope a lot of people who have mood stabilization issues get a chance to read this blog entry, and know that there are alternatives for improvement besides powerful meds.

  14. lm

    Angel: I think that the field of Psychology will slowly peter out as the study of the chemicals in the brain and outside influences affect behavior.
    For a great book originally written over 25 years ago but very relevant is BRAIN ALLERGIES
    This text contains a complete overview of the concept of “brain allergies” – the theory that exposure to certain foods and other substances triggers mental disorders in people so predisposed, and that such disorders can be cured by eliminating exposure to these substances.
    Philpott was the guy everyone heard about in the 70′s who gave Vitamin B shots to mentally ill people – curing them of their afflictions. I came across this book about 15 years ago and there was so much more the guy researched – including a whole chapter of the dangers of cigarette smoke that have just now come to light recently. He also found a connection between drinking coffee triggering smoking desire.
    Amazing that it has taken so long to see that we treat the symptoms rather then deal with the problem.
    Please look into this. You can still be a counselor – but one who guides their patients to health by fixing their physical problem.

  15. Son of Grok

    I do say “Its not fair” a whole lot less than I used to lol.

    Beautiful explanation. Grok on brutha!

    I read and enjoyed your post. I think that if you decide that you DO want to be a counselor that you would make a great one. Your knowledge of underlying issues dealing with lifestyle would probably make you an extremely effective counselor that does actually help people. Ultimately you have to do what makes you havppy though! Best of luck.

    Good info. The info is all there, people just need to pay attention to it. It is like the Acel Keys phenominon with the evil of fat. It has since been proven untrue but for some reason that one bit still just sticks.

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  17. Yavor


    I’m glad things are better with your girl! Yay for eating small (and large) animals lol. Seriously – good job man!


  18. Son of Grok

    Thanks brutha. You should see my freezer right now. It contains both large and small animals! I have a whole cow, a pig and a bird in there lol. All in all about 500#’s of meat. Primal feast time!

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  22. Trinkwasser

    You sound a bit like my bigger badder little brother. I also appear to have inherited a predisposition to depression from the opposite side of the family to the one with the diabetes and had no idea how the two conditions fed one another until I started doing this

    which showed me the dangers of all those Heart Healthy Carbs.

    Once I knocked them into touch my BP came down and my lipids went from heart attack on legs to disgustingly good. I also recovered a lot of energy without the sapping drops (reactive hypoglycemia) which were ascribed to “mental” problems, a bit hard to conceal the cause when you actually watch your BG jumping up and then crashing through the floor though.

    The *actual* mental problems have improved markedly too, I am more stable on 17.5mg venlafaxine than I used to be on 225 mg, have very few depressive episodes and the last time I had a temper tantrum was completely justified (the hospital kept us in for over four hours with no edible foodlike substances within reach and I hypoed. I apologised after eating chocolate and had my car park fees refunded, so not all bad.)

    The SAD was a bit below average this winter until I started vitamin D supplements – but then a lot of people who don’t normally suffer went downhill this year probably due to the extended cold and dullness.

    I didn’t actually choose a Primal/Paleo/Protein Power type lifestyle, it chose me. I just wish I’d known what was going on fifty years ago and what to do about it. If I had I wouldn’t be here now. Praise the Lard and find salvation in Baby Cheeses

  23. Freddy Sosby

    Hi there I loved your post. I believe that it’s important when talking about diabetes to at least refer to natural therapies that have been proven to be effective in controlling high blood sugar. Many natural herbs can be including in a diabetics treatment that will help keep a wholesome glucose level.

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