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February 27th, 2009
Roast Rabbit For Dinner

Roast Rabbit For Dinner

The leftover rabbit made an EXCELLENT green chile stew. This post over at MDA has had me thinking for a while now. It is a post by Chuck and he talks about hunting your own food and the ethics of such. It got me to thinking…

“Do I deserve to eat an animal that I could not have prepared myself”?

I have decided the answer to that question is no.Sure I support local sustainable farming and yaddah yaddah. But what is more humane than having to treat the animal that you are going to eat yourself. I foresee a somewhat spiritual connection there that I have yet to experience. How can you truly appreciate meat that you see for the first time when it comes out of the freezer wrapped in plastic?

In light of this, Roger de Rok and I have started planning some hunting trips with his father who is an experienced hunter. I am greatly looking forward to this experience as I think it is one that I should have.

Am I saying that I am only going to catch my own food from now on?NO, not by any means. I will continue to shop the local farm store and support local sustainable farming. However, I think that I should have the experience of the whole salami (lol) to better understand and appreciate my food.

The rabbit above is part of my effort to open my mind to this process and different foods. Survivorman often eats a rabbit on his ordeals. I said to myself the other day “I have never eaten rabbit”. So we ate rabbit as it is a food that you would probably actually eat if you were grok in the wild. We actually bought this rabbit from the local farm store… I did not catch it myself… but one step at a time.

My challenge to all of you:

I challenge each and every one of you to do at least ONE new thing this weekend.Eat a new meat that you never would have thought of, a new vegetable, do a new activity. Just try ONE new thing this weekend. Post what that one thing was or send me an email to . I mould love to hear about it!

10 Responses to “Thoughts and Something New”

  1. BEE

    I will take that challenge- not sure what, but I’m gonna try something new. Maybe rabbit- as it looks delicious!

    Made your carrot caveman cookies last night – delicious!

    Thanks as always!


  2. Elizabeth

    Ahh, envy. I’ve been saying the same thing about hunting for a few years and my friends/family think I’m nuts. Unfortunately, the only people I know who hunt live in Alaska and I have no idea how to get started on my own.

    Let us know how it goes!

  3. Angel


    Check around for any gun clubs in your area. You can pretty much bet that at least some of those folks also hunt. They tend to be very friendly folk and welcoming to newcomers.

  4. Bill

    Thanks for the tough love,i understand.

  5. Yavor

    Yeah good challenge :) I just bought me some olives with almonds inside them. Never tried them :)


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  7. Son of Grok

    I am glad you liked the cookies! Let me know how your challenge goes!

    Start asking around. You might be surprised to find a co-worker or friend that is already a closet hunter.

    Great advice!

    Anytime man. Thank you for understanding. I have faith in you. You can do it!

    Olives and almonds are awesome! Sometimes I throw them in a bowl together just separately and eat em.

  8. Roger De Rok

    A couple months ago there was a post on MDA about eating with your hands and how it builds a relationship with your food through more “intimate” contact with it. I also feel this way about cooking. Since going primal I’ve learned to love cooking for exactly that reason. Cooking builds a relationship with food and makes you appreciate it more. This is why I’m looking forward to hunting again. I did this quite a bit when I lived at home with my dad but have not hunted at all in the last ten years. This will be an opportunity to take that food relationship to a new level. I agree that hunting is more humane. The animal had a happy life in the wild whereas animals raised strictly for food live the saddest life ever. Also the meat quality will be better! So many people are against hunting, but if you’re a meat eater then you shouldn’t be.

  9. Shannon

    My brother is an avid hunter. It wasn’t uncommon for me to come home from college, walk into his kitchen and see half a deer laying on his counter, being butchered by hand. The funny thing is when I talk to him about buying meat from a local farmer he can’t see any reason to. Of course, most of the time he has a freezer full of venison, elk, bear, grouse and pheasant. I highly recommend grouse – delicious! My husband and I hope to start hunting soon. I agree that we ought not to be so disconnected from our food. That’s why we’re planning our garden as we speak :) .

  10. Marcy

    I have never been hunting, but this spring I raised chickens in my backyard and processed them myself. I admit it was really tough but I felt strongly that I should be able to kill the animal if I want to eat it. It’s better to be killing an animal with your own hands that lived a good healthy life than to play ignorant and buy an animal that was mistreated and sickly. Like I said, not easy to do, but I’m glad I went through with it.

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