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Meet the Mrs.

February 3rd, 2009
All bundled up in her coat

All bundled up in her coat

Its about time you all meet the lovely Mrs. SoG.I talk about her enough on the site, I figure you all better meet her before you think I made her up! Mrs. SoG is also Primal and helps me create all the wonderful recipes we have on here.

I decided the best way to introduce you all was to interview her. I need to learn to formulate better questions… it was a brief interview.
What do you think of this whole Primal thing?
I love it!

Does your husband ever go too Primal?
No. Wait… define too Primal.

What is your favorite thing about being Primal?
I can eat red meat all I want… and the gristle… and the fat.

What is your least favorite thing about being Primal?
*Blank stare and pause* It is still a challenge to give up pasta but I can live without it.

What is your favorite Primal food?
Guacamole steak and eggs.

Favorite meat?

Favorite Fruit?

Favorite Veggie?

Favorite thing your husband makes?
Egg Salad w/ homemade mayonnaise.

What advice would you offer to someone trying to go Primal?
Try it… you might like it.

Are you going to swimsuit model for this summer?

Anything else you would like to say to the readers?
Always keep an open mind don’t think negatively.

Anything that you would like to ask the Mrs.? Email me your questions at or just post your comments and questions here!

9 Responses to “Meet the Mrs.”

  1. James

    Congratulations, SOG. I’m proud of you, and looking forward to the swimsuit edition! Slowly weaning my wife off of the processed grains, pregnant with 3rd. After we pop this baby out, maybe we’ll do a progression photo series back to her bikini body!

  2. Roger De Rok

    WoSoG rules!

  3. Marc Feel Good Eating

    Great interview!!! Solid answers….she’s obviously a lot smarter than you ;-)

    Cool of you to introduce us man. enjoyed it.

  4. Son of Grok

    Thank you sir! Congrats on the 3rd!

    You just say that because she has fed you lol.

    Obviously she is… though i suppose its not hard to be a lot smarter than me. lol

  5. Rachel

    Nice to see the feminine side. And great to have such a supportive mate! You’re a lucky man :)

  6. Roger De Rok

    Haha I’d still say it otherwise as well. Is D-I-LoG a better name? ha

  7. emergefit

    Clearly she’s too good for you! That said, I like this blog concept a great deal — GENIUS, in fact! Nice job SoG. Did I mention that she’s too guy for you? Funny though, they stick by our sides and support us despite the love we have for ourselves. I also have one thta’s too good for me. Honest.

  8. TrailGrrl

    Wow! No one’s mentioned that she’s a cutie! Not sure what’s she’s doing with you… must be the Superhero cape you wear for your “300 pics.”

    I know what you mean about the avocado steak… I get carne asada and have to have a bit of avocado with each and every bite.


  9. Son of Grok

    Thanks man. Too guy for me though? I don’t think she is going to appreciate that! Lol, j/k I know it was a typo.

    No one has mentioned she is a cutie? Did you ever question that the SoG had at least some taste? lol. Good Idea on the 300 post! I think I will see if she is willing to do it with me and we can do a dual 300! lol. She hates my workouts though… too intenes for her.

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