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Exercise for Beginners

February 5th, 2009
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I am so happy with the physique that being Primal has given me. I feel lean and strong and healthy. I no longer hide behind layered long sleeve shirts and wear shirts when I go swimming. I welcome an opportunity to wear a tank top to the park or to hit the pool or hot tub shirtless. Not everyone that finds the “Low carb lifestyle” is so lucky though. Lets be honest, not every “low carb success story” ends with a physique that I would would want to aspire too. I am sorry… it is just the truth. I honestly believe that is because all “low carb lifestyles” (can you tell that I hate that label?) are NOT created equal.

I don’t want to take anything away from other success stories. I still think they are phenomenal achievements. However, I want to look like Mark or SuperMike when I grow up.

So what sets people like Mark Sisson and Mike OD and Supermike and Rusty  apart from the crowd? Exercise. Exercise is something that is an integral part of the Primal Blueprint and I give exercise a lot of credit for taking my physique the direction it has gone. We all know that diet is 80% of the equation (or whatever % you what to argue) but exercise is still SO important in getting to your goals.

I have been receiving quite a few e-mails and questions lately from readers wanting to start incorporating workouts into their healthy lifestyles but not knowing where to begin. This though had never really occurred to me. It was easy for me to know what exercises to do and to incorporate workouts into my Primal Blueprint lifestyle because I had previous experience. But what about people that don’t know where to begin?

So, I give you “Exercise for beginners”. Starting tomorrow and over the next couple weeks, I will be posting some exercises and some workouts that are simple and straight forward for the exercise newbie to start incorporating.

13 Responses to “Exercise for Beginners”

  1. James

    Have you taken a look at crossfit? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. crossfit, and combine it with some level of crossfit endurance.. because I swim bike run (intervals, especially) I focus mainly on deadlifts, squats, cleans, presses. and I love it. nothing like throwing some weight around and then eating a big steak!

  2. Son of Grok

    I have done a lot of research into crossfit. I think it is great. I have my own reasons for not actually doing it myself. I have considered posting on these but I really like the crossfit community and wouldn’t want to alienate them ;-) A lot of people feel intimidated by starting to workout in a public environment. For the purpose of these posts, I am going to be focusing on simple things people can start doing at home and outdors without weights. I am the same in that I dealift, squat, clean and press and all that good stuff but not everyone has the equipment, the comfort or the fitness level to dive right into those. Thank you for the awesome comment!

  3. Elizabeth

    I am looking forward to this one! I’ve had the diet thing down pat for years, but have done essentially zero exercise. Whenever I try to look into anything involving weights instead of cardio, I feel like most things I read assume you have a basic understanding of weightlifting exercises and/or already have some level of fitness to be able to start out, and also assume you have access to gym equipment. For me, those assumptions are no, no, and no, so I end up never starting anything!

  4. hq

    how about pull ups and burpees? the best total body workout. Throw in a weighted vest and you could progress for years without needing to go to a gym. looking forward to your posts, you have the physique that proves you know what your talking about

  5. Son of Grok

    It is exactly that type of experience that I am going to try to gear these posts to so hopefully they will be valuable to you.

    Thank you! I don’t want anyone to think that I am doing this as an SoG workout program like Craig’s Turbulence Training or anything like that. This is just some suggestions to help people start exercising that may not have any experience doing so. (on another interesting note… that IS an actual wourkout that I do… burpees with pullups at the top while wearing a weight vest! lol).

  6. Andrew R - Go Healthy Go Fit

    Good thinking! I was planning something similar, but it looks like I’ll have to put it on hold until I can site you as a source! Can’t wait to read about it.

    All the Best,

    Andrew R

  7. Marc Feel Good Eating

    Can’t wait to read it.
    I went through the something similiar last October. Received numerous emails on exercise advice from people that just did not know where to start.
    I wrote a post on starting to get active when you’ve been inactive for a long time. (in case you want to read )
    After the post I received emails from those same people that they wanted something more then just what I wrote. (this came from people that told me they hadn’t gone on a walk in over a year and were significantly overweight)
    My point is, can you also please adress motivation in your post?
    You can spell it out for people, even give them a great starting point, but ultimately THEY HAVE TO DO IT. Ok, that’s all, thanks for letting me rant.(I never did after the post and emails)


  8. BEE

    Stoked for your ideas! I know if I’ve been slacking off for a while it’s tough to get back into the gym, just because I’m more self-conscious about everything- I can’t imagine starting out for the first time, it’d be terrifying!

    Lookin’ forward to it!

  9. Roger De Rok

    SoG creates some good workouts. Gave me a few to alternate, although I need to push myself more. I’ve always hated working out.

  10. Troy

    Great idea. I was gonna write and suggest it. I’m always looking for new workouts/exercises/points of view.

  11. TrailGrrl

    Great idea! I slowed up on working out while tweaking my diet. Now that I’ve sorta got that part down I’d like to get back into weights. I was doing functional workouts with intervals, kettlebells, medicine ball slams, and bodyweight exercises. That really kicks my ass, but sometimes I need to be able to just workout at home or at work or wherever I am.

    Looking forward to your primer for beginners. I’m not really a beginner, but hey, I need to get out of the cardio junkie mindset leftover from triathlon phase. I want to be in good shape to do stuff like hike, kayak, climb, scuba dive, go hunting, and just play around. I’ve tried to do more playing… now I swim for fun with no laps or anything like I am Tarzan zeroing in on a crocodile that’s after Jane or Boy or a Navy SEAL with my fins and goggles. I sucked at freestyle anyways! I want to spend time outdoors this year on my bike or trailrunning or just enjoying the woods.

    And of course I want to be a superhero with a cape.


  12. Andy

    SOG, it is never too late to learn something new, or to review the basics. Although I try to get to the gym 3-4 times a week, I’m always interested in hearing another opinion on things including exercises. It helps me vary the workout and promote muscle confusion.

  13. Son of Grok

    Wow, took me a while to get to respond. I will try to get everyone!

    Go ahead and still do your posts! the more perspectives the better!

    Thank you for the warning and the headsup. You are always entitled to rant and if you need a place to do it, my comments section is always open to you! As always “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”.

    I know that you are a crossfit junkie but hopefully you will still find these helpful.

    We will get you to enjoy working out yet!

    Hopefully you will find some value in the posts!

    I think you will enjoy some of the workouts that i do as I post them.

    Sounds great. Hopefully some of my cocepts will be helpful to you.

    Thank you for all the great comments!

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