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Past: This Last Week Thank you to everyone who tuned in this week.  It was kind of a slow week for posts due to the holiday and everything. I also have been doing a lot of studying. Being an adult working student is tough work. We still had 2 great recipes (one from my dear [...]

This week, you all get an unplanned bonus recipe! You know you love it. Anyways, we did a thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house. I spent most of the night getting berated by my MD aunts and uncle’s for the way I eat but there was some positive to the night! My grandma, being the [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2008

I am not going to do an in depth Thanksgiving post. Instead I offer this advice… log off, unplug and go spend some time with friends and family. Yes that goes for me too. This is a pre-scheduled auto post. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. See you on Friday The SoG

Primal Activity: Play

November 26th, 2008

Sorry for the blurry picture, it was a cell phone camera. This last Sunday, our good friends held a birthday party for their now 7 year old son. He is a great kid. Anyways, the party was held at this place which is basically a giant warehouse full of inflatable “jumpers”, slides, obstacle courses and [...]

As emergefit commented in an earlier post, meatloaf is one of those easy to mix up recipes. No two meatloaves ever have to be the same. Once you have the basics of making a meatloaf down, feel free to go wild! This is a really really REALLY delicious meatloaf that we put together the other [...]

Rant: “Paralysis by Analysis”

November 24th, 2008

This gets filed under rant (even though I hope it is more constructive than that) because I was watching some news segments last night that really got me fired up and I had to write this. Today’s planned post on the primal activity will be temporarily postponed. Here we go: There is a lot of [...]

Past: This Last Week Thank you to everyone who joined the blog during the first week of its existence. During the week, we had a recipe for sweet potato chips, did some fun workouts and ranted and rambled a bit. Present: Links to some posts I found interesting 1. Go Healthy Go Fit takes a [...]

My New Toy: Food Slicer

November 22nd, 2008

If life gives you lemons, buy a juicer! I use a local butcher/farmer/farmstore here for purchasing almost all of my meats. The meat is all hormone free grass fed deliciousness. The people there know you by name and are friendly as can be. Well today, I ran into my first problem with them. One of [...]

I got the name of this article from my younger brother (10 years younger!). I think he once told me “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Anyways, lets get to the post! “I love bread”, “I love pasta”, “I love noodles” These were the words out of my wife’s mouth when I first went [...]

Damage Control Master Formula

November 20th, 2008

It is no secret that I have oodles of respect for Mark Sisson. Surprisingly for the man that helped me find my health and fitness, I have never tried one of his products! For the next 30 days I will be trying Mark’s multivitamin, the “Damage Control Master Formula” and his “Vital Omegas”. I have [...]

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